There is no low where they won’t go. Today, Francis Brennan, the director of strategic response for the Trump campaign, posted this.

Who’s “meandering?” Joe Biden was at the graves of son Beau, and his first wife and baby daughter. Beau died of brain cancer and Biden’s wife and daughter were tragically killed in a car accident in 1972.

The next 58 days are going to be very ugly. Trump is crashing and burning. He knows it, his campaign most assuredly knows it, and so they will be reaching for the flimsiest of straws to support their already weak and ludicrous talking points, namely that Biden is old and out of it. it’s able-ism at its absolute worst. But this is to be expected, considering the political dregs with which we deal right now. They’ve got nothing of substance to run on, they’ve got to go for the ugly.

Be of good cheer, the end is near. But don’t take it for granted. Get everybody you know registered and VOTE.


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