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So, the Drumpf acolyte leading Florida has raised the stoopid-stakes once again and, being a card-carrying affiliate member of the Chaos caucus (Cheers! John Boehner) there’s some delicious openings to be exploited here. 

Exploiting these openings would have the added benefit of probably taking DeSantis largely off the board — if but for a time.

Saw this from the NY Times yesterday –

“Florida’s governor bans agencies and businesses from requiring ‘vaccine passports.’”

That is not a “political decision” or a ‘for the good of the state’ decision.   That’s just another, in a series of anti-democratic initiatives being taken — almost exclusively — by GOP leaders, that are their way of saying “we don’t recognize any authority from any democratically elected leaders unless that process resulted in our election”.  Let’s help to call it out for what it is.

So we saw the MLB players association pressuring MLB to take a stand against anti-democratic laws that are of a piece with this new found GOP organizing principle.  And, as we all know, the MLBPA pressure was successful and sends a powerful message to these QGOP A$$holes.

So in that vein, I will posit that MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS should all be pressured (fans, sponsors, etc.) to plan for full stadiums this year — but only in concert with protocols that REQUIRE a Covid Passport.  Once that is allowed to hit the press (NBA first, leading the way anyone?), then pressure should be brought to bear on Disney, Universal, Sea World to harmonize their guest experience with these other Sports and Entertainment attendance standards to enact similar forward-looking plans. 

I would pay good money to watch DeSantis trying to “Drumpf” that process (“I’m never wrong about anything!  Everyone else is wrong!”) where he is going to threaten to shut down all professional sports in the state as well as several of Florida’s largest employers and economic engines. 

Popcorn please — I take mine with melted butter and a dash of sea salt.

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  1. I’m wondering when someone here in Florida’s going to start SUING this AS$HOLE for losing their Job, Business, LIFE!! It’s a lot his fault. He doesn’t believe in masks or Scientist!
    We also Really need to boot him out of office in 2022. gaetz will be gone soon. Thats one AS$HOLE gone, we have a few more to go!

    Oh and BOYCOTT PUBLIX, Go to Wally or Winn Dixie!


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