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At the very solemn House Judiciary Committee hearing today meant to get to the bottom of why Donald Trump’s picture appears whenever anyone Googles “idiot,” Rep. Steve King (R-eally clueless about any technology invented since Gunsmoke was canceled) complained about an incident in which his young granddaughter was playing a game on her phone and saw a picture of King sullied by some coarse language.

From Business Insider:

“I’m not going to say into the record what kind of language was used around that picture of her grandfather,” he said.

Then, holding up his Apple device, King asked [Google CEO Sundar] Pichai, “How does that show up on a 7-year-old’s iPhone who’s playing a kids game.”

To which the Google CEO answered, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”

The Democratic staff table erupted in laughter at Pichai’s reply, according to Business Insider’s Joe Perticone who attended Tuesday’s hearing.

Glad to see our Congress is on top of all this. Gotta make sure that precious series of tubes stays unclogged.

King strikes me as the kind of guy who calls tech support because his caps lock is on and he doesn’t realize it. And as the kind of guy who’s a total shitbag racist, of course. But that sort of goes without saying.

Abraham Grampa Simpson yells at cloud


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