Democrats weigh options for ending shutdown, and more billions for Trump’s wall isn’t among them

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Somebody is working in Washington, D.C., this week, even though Republican leadership has abdicated all responsibility. The Democrats are working to figure out how to get government up and running at full power again when the new Congress is sworn in on January 3.

None of those options include Individual 1’s wall. Among the options they are considering: a full-year continuing resolution for the part of the government that’s shut down now, keeping current funding levels for the agencies included; passing the regular appropriations bills for six of the unfunded agencies and a separate CR for Homeland Security at current funding that goes until September, giving them until then to negotiate funding levels for this sticking point; pass the stopgap bill the Senate passed earlier this month that they’d had Trump’s agreement on, keeping government funded at current levels until February 8.

None of these options include more for border security than $1.3 billion or any of the other trial balloons Republicans have been floating, all of which include more money for Trump and all of which ignore reality. Says a senior Democratic aide, “What part of Democratic majority and he’s not getting the wall do they not understand?”

Meantime, a senior Republican aide doesn’t get what Trump’s doing, as he “can not get out of here without folding in some way, since he won’t be getting the $5 billion he’s asking for. Why isn’t he folding before the Dem majority takes over, and before it seems like he’s folding to Pelosi?”

Because Trump thinks a shutdown is good for him, personally. He’s always thought so. He’s fundraising for 2020 off of it. He doesn’t care what it means for Republicans in 2020.

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Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Trump, et al, are going down so hard –


He doesn’t get it. He thinks he can run the government like he did his real estate business. I hope they get him for everything. I hope he looses most of his money and business, then he will feel what he poor people of this country are going through. Get this slime ball out of his swamp.