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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced on Monday that the Democratic majority would be introducing a net neutrality bill known as the Save the Internet Act this Wednesday. This bill would supersede the FCC consumer protections that FCC chairman Ajit Pai rolled back in 2016. According to The Hill, the text of the bill is not yet known.

Pelosi’s state of California has offered up the strictest net neutrality protections legislation in the country so far. In October, the Trump administration filed a lawsuit against California one hour after its net neutrality legislation was signed by Governor Jerry Brown. The new House bill is unlikely to be as robust as the California law. Reuters reports that it will potentially be as simple as codifying the Obama-era consumer protections that were rolled back by Trump’s FCC. Any bill that the Democratic House hopes to pass will have to be touched by the swampy strainer of a Republican-controlled Senate and Mitch McConnell’s goat hooves.

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