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Democrats plan to include a measure requiring all party nominees to disclose the previous decade’s worth of their tax returns in order run for president, in a sweeping ethics and elections overhaul that will be among the first pieces of legislation they consider.

CNN reports that Democrats had originally considered requiring just three years’ returns, but they have reportedly upped the ante to 10 years now in House Resolution 1, which would make a series of significant changes to federal ethics and elections law.

The legislation has zero chance of being taken up by the GOP-controlled Senate, much less of being signed by Donald Trump. But it will be one of Democrats’ opening salvos in a transformative agenda that they campaigned on and that led to historic Democratic gains in the 2018 midterms.

Pounding out the details and consideration of HR1 could extend into February, based on the extended government shutdown left by the GOP’s shoddy congressional leadership. But HR1 will ultimately stand as a major point of distinction between Democratic and Republican leadership of our federal government.

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