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Michael Tomasky writes an op-ed in The Daily Beast, on the Dem strategy going into the mid-terms, and hit something I’ve believed since the night of the November 2016 election, though I have to say, Tomasky is always worth reading, even when I disagree. But, he got a hanging curveball and put it in the second deck. He warns that Democrats who focus on policy too much, ignoring the fact that an insane man occupies the White House, is not only stupid politically, but a monumental moral failure, a civic failure, and one in which we won’t get another shot. Without Dems taking the House, Trump will undoubtedly serve four years.

Time to start talking. On Sunday the “President” ordered a DOJ Investigation into the DOJ Investigation into him. In a normal country, that – right there, standing all by itself in a corner like a wall-flower at the prom, is “Obstruction of Justice.” Adam Schiff, one of the few principled Democrats who has no problem telling you just what a lying sack of shit Trump can be, said this:

Trump’s claim of an embedded “spy” is nonsense. His “demand” DOJ investigate something they know to be untrue is an abuse of power, and an effort to distract from his growing legal problems. Never mind that DOJ has warned that lives and alliances are at risk. He doesn’t care.

— Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) May 20, 2018

We’ve already discussed the difference between an informant and an undercover agent, the former is what the FBI had, the latter is what Trump keeps insisting they had, not because it is part of a strategy, but because he doesn’t know the difference, having never read  a book, ever. It certainly is an abuse of power, an effort to distract (the obstruction I talked about), and all that is well and good. Except, there ought to be tweets from every Democratic politician, and every Democratic leader of any type.
There are not, and this is where things get depressing. Now, I realize that when news was made earlier in the week; that possibly the Qataris approached Don Jr. with an offer to help win, and he accepted, it feels like you can’t comment on everything, can you?
Yes, actually, you can and you must.
With an election coming up this fall, the “important people” (and they know who they are, they are the ones who will tell you they’re very important) in the Democratic party are all concern trolls, about going hard after Trump, and not running “on policy,” in-part because too many people will believe it is a Trump referendum and his followers will show up.
This is where Michael’s thesis transitions more into my own. Because I got some “talkin’ ta do” as they say down here (I’m a southern redneck by way of Canada, long story,) to those same “important people” like Markos and others.
Listen, dumbasses, who are paid $325/hr for political advice at that level, you’re wrong, you’re going to get embarrassed if not careful, and you may lack the necessary conscience.
I will give ALL Dem candidates the best political advice they’ll get (reader please share it far and whide), and I’ll charge them a penny a page view or something less than $325/hr.
First, Assume that ALL Trump followers will show up at the polls. If they don’t, great, but you best damn well assume that they got their boy’s back and will vote again for him (you ever met one?). To not want to talk about the scandals because you’re afraid you’ll awake the slumbering minority who voted for him? Umm, have you watched Fox TV lately? The voters are well aware it’s a problem, they know their guy is in the fight of his life. Democrats generally hate fighting of any kind, not intellectual enough, but Democrats must demonstrate that they can fight when one is needed. This mother f …. ordered an investigation into HIS investigation, are you waiting for the actual balcony, military jacket, sunglasses, cigar, military parades?
Second, as I have said in another story this morning, failing to hammer Trump on his behavior enables the behavior, normalizes the behavior, which is a moral failure that rises to disqualification from office. Because, if I can’t trust you to do all you can to fight a man like this, exactly what can I trust you to do?
Third, we are, actually, capable of doing two things at once! We can both run Trump through the doughmaker he deserves, while also fighting alongside the Parkland kids, it’s not like you must make a choice, nope nope nope, the “$325/hr people” will say “you must,” (sort of bc of ad-buys, which is where they make their money) and I’d say that’s fking why we’ve lost every congressional election since 2010.
Fourth, has it ever occurred to you that we may get some votes we normally wouldn’t if we ran on “Trump is incompetent”? I am speaking of very red votes, red-faced votes, Nicole Wallace (because she has a nice face) is one of “the type” that you will lose unless you aggressively go after Trump.
Fifth, and last, because this is the last free advice you’ll get from me, there is a wide damn gap between having a good message like: “I will not give an inch with respect to Trump corruption” versus the bad message: “Vote for me and I will vote to impeach Trump in five minutes.” You can use the first, very aggressively, not the second. The second is a true “Republican-only effective” – the “One issue against” (“the first thing I’ll do is vote to repeal Obamacare” worked). We democrats deeply care about not looking like unthinking dumbasses, call it our inherent vanity. That’s why “not put up with Trump corruption” is a great line, because it hits about 10 degrees of action, and can/should be used by all candidates, everywhere, speaking on every topic.
Listen up, Dem candidates, you out-think yourselves on this one and you risk the Republic. Don’t get cute on me, don’t be the “kewl kidz”. History has its eyes on you. Someone just threw you the biggest softball ever thrown, and it would take a Dem to think it is “mean” and “self-defeating” to NOT hit the ever living fk out of it. Michael Tomasky and I have a message for you. His will be read by more, but I’m just as right.
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  1. If Trump wins the mid-terms, then the Democrats are truly weak, and this country will be heased into more disruptive behavior, bad decision making, and more national security leaks in the future!!!! What the country don’t need!!!!


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