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Under normal times politicians need to choose their words carefully.  I’ve heard many Democrats express their “concern”, or they’re “disturbed” by the evidence of the Russian attack on our democracy, and I hear even less about the Republican collaboration to cover up this attack.  These are not NORMAL times!  We continue to be under attack from Russia and the Republicans continue to stonewall our efforts to protect ourselves.

Democrats need to step up their game, and they can do it by learning a lesson from Ted Lieu when it comes to talking tough about this attack.  Here are a few tweets from Representative Lieu in the last couple of weeks.

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Jeff Sessions lied under oath to Congress in order to get confirmed. He should have resigned months ago.

Great OpEd on the lawless presidency. As a former prosecutor, I believe Trump’s disrespect for the Rule of Law is a danger to our Republic.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Identity of 3rd London terrorist & your recent tweets mean you need to add Italy, Morocco & Qatar to your dumb BAN.

Dear White House Staff: Very clear by now you don’t speak for @realDonaldTrump. You also lie a lot.

Dear Senator Cornyn: The problem is not Trump’s habit of tweeting. It’s what his tweets say that horrifies many.

Dear @POTUS: Worst terror attack in US on 9/11 came mostly from terrorists from Saudi Arabia, which shows irrationality of your stupid BAN.

My #SaturdayMorning thought: Chairman Devin Nunes can make history by sending a subpoena to himself.

#Kushner lied on his SF86 form by omitting meetings w/ Russians. Now he may be lying about purpose of meeting.

The reason, Mr. Vice President, is called “science.” A synonym would be “facts.” The concept called “truth” would also work. #ParisAgreement

Is this coincidence number 97 in #TrumpRussia saga, or is it further evidence of perjury by #Sessions? I’m going with perjury & concealment.

Now why is it so hard for Democrats to say words like “lying”, “perjury”, “stupid”…? Words matter, and when a public refuses to be responsible citizens and inform themselves with real facts, you need to talk in a way that will grab their attention.  You can be civil to your Republican “colleagues” while still repeatedly pointing out they are not staffing the investigative committees with the numbers and quality of people we need to do a real job of investigating this attack and cover up.  And why can’t Democrats point out the Republicans are deliberately trying to distract the public when they keep talking about “unmasking” or “leaks”.

I believe our only chance of really exposing what happened between Russia and the Trump/GOP regime will be to win back either the house or senate in 2018, and we won’t do it by being timid and “normal” when it comes to the way the Republicans are covering up the attack on our democracy.

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