Democrats Honing In on Grand 2020 Strategy: Trump “Ineffective”???

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts as he arrives at a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., April 21, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTX2B46Z

It is more than a little disquieting. One reads an assessment on the Democrats’ effort to “brand Trump” and their message against Trump in 2020 as an all-encompassing theme, and walks away both hopeful and more than a little depressed. Through comprehensive studies testing various themes and whether the theme moves independent voters, it seems that the strongest message moving voters is to note that Trump is an ineffective boob, in part, because he spends so much time on social media.

Well. Okay, but …

I will hear them out. From Sam Stein at DB:

Those who have worked on the messaging say that going after Trump for being a racist and for being distracted by Twitter to the point of ineffectiveness is not an either-or. But, they argue, the former comes with the risk of turning off his supporters by suggesting that they are comfortable with his worst traits, while the latter emphasizes a characteristic of Trump that virtually no one finds flattering.

Yeah, but … alright, go on, for now:

“I think only the hardest core Trump believers think he should spend more time on Twitter. But that is the reality of his presidency. For better or worse people think he spends most of his time on Twitter and the way he engages on it is mostly negative,” said Navin Nayak, executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “Juxtaposing that becomes a very powerful way of underscoring how he has not accomplished anything economically for the American people. Going after that is an effective way of attacking Trump without impugning the motives of anyone who voted for him.”

And there you have it. The triumph and tragedy. It appears we have found a way to unify the Left with the Independents and the moderate Right. Well done. Except the way to do it is to de-emphasize the man’s racism, crimes, and international disasters, focusing primarily upon an underlying “ineffectiveness”?

I guess I need to put out there right now that “de-emphasize” is used here with great purpose. No one is saying that the racism, the crimes, all that is acceptable or cannot be referenced, they are just saying that those “deplorable” traits need be subsumed into “ineffective” as the ultimate charge against Trump, and why he needs to be booted from office.


Again, glad we found something that unifies all “potential votes” for the Democrat nominee (because no one is counting the hard-core Trumpers in this), I guess that’s encouraging. But, Jesus on a phone poll, can’t this nation unify under something stronger than … “ineffective”?

Moreover, I hope we can all agree, the only thing that could have been worse about the last three years is if we had gone through it with an “effective” Trump in office. Now THAT is a terrifying proposition. So, it’s kinda’ weird to be arguing that the problem is that the moron is “ineffective,” when I thank the great dog above that Trump was genius-like in finding new ways to be ineffective.

I am not going to argue with the data, or the people who scientifically studied it, if that’s what the most people want to hear, then I suspect we need use it. It did move the needle more than any other choice, and that is the entire purpose of the exercise, “win.”

But, it sure speaks to just how far this nation has to go, even if/when Trump is deposed. If we cannot unify under something stronger, cannot unify more on the criminality, the vile race-baiting, the dangerousness of the xenophobia, then our work in some semblance of “unity” has a long way to go.

I am going to take my stab at branding right now, one that I think encompasses everything with a bit more strength, cuts a bit deeper, embarrasses appropriately, and a bit more lasting while just as universal.

“At its root, he’s just a slob.”

Test that, jackasses.


Peace, y’all.



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I think cockroach fits him. He hides out behind the wall. Comes out to talk with the helicopter roaring in the background says his piece answers no questions and then leaves. The media stumbles over what he says and repeats it over and over again.. no formal press meetings. The press should not got to his mini speech but wait for him in the press conference room. If he gets NO ATTENTION after a few attempts, his head will explode and it will be all over. As a cockroach after his little temper tantrum he goes back behind the wall… Read more »