Democrats Finally Move to Rope-in Lawless Trump, But the Plan Seems All Wrong

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It took a while, but Nancy Pelosi and the remaining hold-outs in the House are now on the right track, attempting to do something about the criminal in the White House. The current debate occupying the Democratic caucus focuses upon how to go about “doing it.” The disagreement is simple; whether the Democrats should go “fast and narrow,” or “bold and thorough. The Washington Post reports on the debate raging in the capitol’s bowels.

House Democratic leaders are eyeing a fast-paced investigation into the possible impeachment of President Trump, instructing the committees handling the probe to wrap up their findings within weeks in hopes of concluding before the holiday season.

Multiple Democratic lawmakers and congressional aides said there is no formal timeline for the inquiry, but the “need for speed,” as one aide put it, comes as Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is under pressure from vulnerable freshmen to keep the investigation narrowly focused and disciplined.

The “need for speed”? That doesn’t sound right to me.

Fortunately, not everyone is on the “go-go train.”

A senior Democratic aide familiar with discussions among the party’s moderate wing relayed concerns that a probe seen as moving too rapidly by the public could backfire …

… The prospect of a quick impeachment means that a host of House probes could be left without a resolution. The House Financial Services Committee has been trying to secure Trump’s financial information amid Democratic allegations that he laundered money as a business executive. The House Oversight and Reform Committee is in a legal battle trying to get additional documents that former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen said demonstrate that the president undervalued his wealth to dodge taxes and win lower loan interest rates.

Some issues would get left on the table? No shit?

The stakes could not possibly be higher. The House Dems would have taken a shellacking – led by their base, had they not moved to initiate impeachment proceedings. But, the stakes could be just as high if it is done wrong.

In my mind, unless Republican senators increasingly agree with the need to remove Trump, there is no point at all in “rushing” this through by the end of November (the date often cited.). As things stand right now, even if the testimony from the Whistleblower is as damning as the complaint seems to be, if it doesn’t compel the Senate to move, Trump gets acquitted, and then what? Trump declares victory.

He declares victory without anyone getting answers to the questions he has most tried to hide, his financial dealings with other nations, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, though the public’s support for impeachment has jumped over the last week, it still doesn’t command a majority of Americans:

One of the first credible polls to test the Democratic impeachment push following Pelosi’s Tuesday announcement found the public almost evenly split. An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist Poll conducted Wednesday found Americans approving 49 percent to 46 percent of the House inquiry, with independents disapproving 50 percent to 44 percent.

If the American public is “evenly split” then someone is going to have to explain to me the benefit of rushing forward with only the evidence the Democrats possess now.

I am positive that there remains a memory fresh in your minds. The never-ending probe into Hillary’s emails resulted in a stalemate, whereby Comey determined she should not be prosecuted, yet spent thirty minutes dressing her down before the media. Voters had – for the most part – determined their positions on it, and had moved on. Out of nowhere, just two weeks before the election, Comey announced they had found “more emails” on yet another computer. Enough of the public threw up their hands such that Trump got elected.

I believe we are in the same type of dynamic. The country is split 50-50 on whether Trump’s behavior in extorting Ukraine should result in impeaching Trump. But now imagine, in the midst of all this outrage, that one of the committees comes across something else Trump has covered-up and lied about. Something in his taxes, something in his “business relationships with Russia,” something unrelated but just as damning suddenly explodes out. In my mind, it will result in a similar dynamic to the Clinton emails, a large majority of people, including Republicans, throwing their hands up, sick of the man, and sure that his corruption will never end, never be fully exposed.

If we are going to do impeachment, let’s not be afraid of our own shadow. Let us have faith that the more Trump tries to hide, the more the public will see him for what he is, a fraud who uses every tool to cover-up the truth. Let’s get to the very bottom of all things corrupt with Trump.

We have one shot. The nation will have no tolerance for a second round of impeachment proceedings. And, in my mind, the single biggest questions still hang out there. Why does Trump always do Russia’s bidding? Why is Trump so afraid of people seeing his tax returns? We have one shot to determine the answers to those questions, and something inside me tells me that the answers will make the Ukraine matter seem like a parking ticket.

But that is just my opinion, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and @MiciakZoom

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Saw reporting of how Russian media and members of government are condemning US dems for their impeachment actions. Wonder why they are so concerned and who they support in 2020?

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well someone needs to tell the morons there is plenty on the table. If Putin says shit trump says how much and where. And any moron can see he wouldn’t be hiding his taxes if they were legitimate. He would be rubbing people’s faces in them. Dutch bank has practically said he was laundering money. Nail his fat ass for it. If you come up with real crimes the republicans will go for impeachment. And like Nancy said. Nobody is above the law. Even a fat old has been reality star.