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House Democrats have introduced a bill to withhold the usual perks enjoyed by former presidents from “twice impeached presidents” i.e. Trump. The bill would prevent a twice impeached president from being buried in Arlington Cemetery, or having their name on any “highway, park, subway, federal building, military installation, street, or other federal property”. Additionally, a twice impeached president would be stripped of their pension and other perks usually given to a former president. They would, however, be allowed to retain their Secret Service protection.

I get that Biden and the intelligence community don’t want to give briefings to Trump even though as a former president, he is entitled to them. I agree with that decision. As Biden says, he “might slip and say something.”

A bigger danger is that Trump could try to sell the secrets that he knows to pay off the enormous $421 million debt that is coming due in just a few years. Throughout his presidency, Trump treated intelligence like hot gossip, to be indiscriminately shared to impress visitors. Now that he has left office, he’s going to realize that that same “hot gossip” has real monetary value.

There’s nothing we can do about the secrets he already knows, but Biden and the intelligence community can prevent Trump from gaining any more valuable information to sell to our enemies.

But back to that bill.

Your biggest concern right now should be the 2022 midterms. If you lose your majorities in the House and the Senate or even just the Senate, you will be right back where you started, at the mercy of Mitch McConnell and Republican obstructionism.

That’s how you will win the midterms and have the votes to implement your wishlist that has been blocked by Republicans for years just because they can.

Your real concern should be Trump’s plans to handpick Republican candidates in 2022 who are loyal to him. If they win, besides losing your majorities, you are only encouraging Trump to run in 2024.

Can you honestly say that you have a candidate that is strong enough to defeat Trump? Not if the Biden agenda fails because you were farting around with a “spite” bill.

The stakes are high. We’re talking life and death here. Have you forgotten already that Trump’s inaction caused unnecessary deaths from COVID?

It’s time to put aside your petty grievances and get cracking on the real problems. The voters will thank you in 2022.

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  1. Hmm, I personally do not want him to have another one of my tax dollars. They should include in this bill that if you are impeached twice you cannot run for office again. Spite wins elections. Remember the Hillary witch trials that sunk her candidacy and gave Cons decades of fodder. Go hard or lose the majority for good. Cause Ttump will get in and never leave, like the herpes virus he is.

  2. The real solution, is to pursue every person culpable for the Attack on Democracy, and continue to hammer Trump with every criminal prosecution he deserves. He won’t have any say in 2022, because his party won’t be willing to go to Attica to ask him. He certainly won’t be able to run for President in 2024, unless Attica creates some kind of Presidential Furlow for inmates.

    We have a den of criminals here. Let’s empty the den. That profoundly mitigates what they can accomplish in 2 years and makes the one’s not in jail scared as hell.


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