Democratic Senator Chris Murphy calls for investigation into Giuliani treachery

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Mr. Rudolph Giuliani might have done better just milking the fact that he happened to be the mayor of New York City when the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil happened, back in 2001.

He made a real payday out of that. It was probably the best thing personally that could have happened to him, since announcing to his wife that they were divorcing on national TV. Before he told her, of course. Or later, when he was found out by his next to-be-divorced wife (the one who he left the last one for) to be (purportedly) banging a married hospital administrator from New Hampshire. By then he should have realized that keeping all those stories straight was his real calling in life.

But to his credit, no one could ever, ever accuse Rudy Giuliani of failing to make the most out of other people’s distress. And as one in a long line of failed Republican presidential candidates, he could—and probably should– have stopped there and lived out the remaining years of his life in some semblance of dignity. Because people tend to forget.

But no, chronic grifters never get tired of looking for the next con.  And by nature, political grifters seek out their own, especially when it keeps their name in the public eye. So “Rudy” was just —let’s say, compelled to go and hitch his star onto the most prominent con man he could find. And in service to his latest role model, bearing the impressive (and meaningless) title of “personal attorney,” this wholesale loser of a human being planned out a trip to Ukraine at the behest of his new boss, Donald Trump, to try to buy, with the implicit promise of political favors, some manufactured dirt on former Vice President Joseph Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate whose every move and utterance seems to send Mr. Trump into a blind tizzy.

But somewhere along the line, probably between his appearances on Fox News, “Rudy” apparently forgot that now some people are actually paying attention to his scam.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) raised alarm over Rudy Giuliani’s actions on behalf of President Trump in Ukraine on Friday evening and called for an investigation.

Senator Murphy has apparently seen enough of Giuliani’s antics.

Murphy wrote to the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he sits on, and said he was “alarmed” and “deeply concerned” by Giuliani’s intentions. Giuliani later canceled his trip to the Ukraine where he planned to ask the new government to launch investigations into issue that would be politically useful to Trump — like how the Russia probe “really” began and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

From Talking Points Memo and NBC News:

“I am deeply concerned about the implications of this for United States foreign policy. Specifically, Rudolph Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer, has apparently held meetings with Ukrainian officials in the United States and plans to travel to Ukraine for further discussions,” Murphy wrote in the letter addressed to Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, the committee’s chair.

“As far as we know, none of these meetings are being coordinated with the U.S. State Department or other government agencies,” Murphy wrote.

Of course, Giuliani’s meetings are not being coordinated with the State Department. They are being coordinated with Donald Trump, who is flagrantly abusing his powers as president to fabricate a non-existent story against someone who he perceives to be a threat to his re-election.

The Ukrainian “story,” which (broadly speaking) tries to link Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, with pressure imposed on a Ukrainian prosecutor during the Obama administration, has already been debunked to the point of ridicule. But Trump and Giuliani apparently think that the American people, specifically the ones who watch Fox News, are too stupid to know this.

Because serial grifters really can’t succeed at much of anything without a willing “mark.”

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Trump and Giuliani apparently think that the American people, specifically the ones who watch Fox News, are too stupid to know this.

Um? if you watch Fox News, then uh, maybe you are too stupid to know that.

Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
Lock him up and disbar him. Bout time someone brought this to an authorities attention. Instead of letting Trump party tell people,’ It’s not illegal’. Also trying to run a narrative that we had the best woman candidate for president , enlisted the help of Ukraine (not tech savvy ) instead of China, and still lost. If this rhetoric is not combatted, it will go down in history books when all the schools start teaching revisionist history and religion. In 10 years, without Trump being impeached, children will think the Dems actually did construct a weak coup in the government… Read more »
Michael owens
Michael owens

Yeah, lets have another investigation!😳, that will get the pos out of the white house.. arnt there any politicians who have any moral fibre ??