Democratic congressman on Meet the Press burns down Rand Paul’s ‘both sides’ on Ukraine extortion

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Democratic Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut was on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to discuss the news of the day. But before Rep. Himes could get into the interview he had to take down both Todd and Todd’s previous guest, Sen. Rand Paul. Specifically, Rep. Himes was responding to Meet the Press’ previous segment: a toothless interview with spoiled brat Sen. Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul had spent the segment equating Donald Trump’s extortion attempts on Ukraine with Vice President Joe Biden’s public agreement to enforce U.S. and global policy. Paul said idiotic things like “they’re accusing President Trump of the same thing Joe Biden did, threatening the aid, if some kind of corruption’s not investigated,” and “So it sounds exactly like what Joe Biden did. And if they weren’t going to impeach Joe Biden, they look like, you know, hypocrites, in a way, for going only after President Trump and having not a word to say about what Joe Biden did.” Paul also spent a lot of time bringing Hillary Clinton up again, because Rand Paul, like most Republicans, hasn’t had a new idea in 40 years.

Todd’s only reply to Sen. Paul in all of this was to try and point out that Paul continued to deflect questions about what the president did by talking about Joe Biden. Todd didn’t, however, highlight the fact that regardless of your feelings about Joe Biden, what he did was not the same in any respect. In fact, Todd endorsed Sen. Paul’s bullshit by saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” a sentiment that is true if you are talking about two wrongs, and not about one treasonous corrupt and impeachable offense, and a foreign policy.

REP. JIM HIMES: Chuck, if you’ll, if you’ll grant me one second here, my head is only now decombusting from the exchange you had with Rand Paul. I’ve spent 11 years in public service defending the press, and when Senator Rand Paul comes on and says that what Donald Trump did — and the transcript is there — extorting a foreign government for his personal political gain, and that’s exactly the same thing as Joe Biden, “Exactly the same thing,” is what he said, as Joe Biden saying that this prosecutor should be released. When Joe Biden is acting in consistency with American foreign policy and back then we had a whole list of things that had to be done and this was American foreign policy, it was European Union policy, it was IMF policy that this prosecutor needed to go. When Rand Paul says that that’s exactly the same thing as the president of the United States saying, “You need to find dirt on my political opponent,” and with all due respect, Chuck, when you say, “Well, do two wrongs make a right?” Let’s be very clear. The president of the United States demanding, extorting a vulnerable country to do his political bidding, to go after his opponent, has nothing to do with Joe Biden executing the foreign policy of the United States or Hillary Clinton, who is a private citizen, doing opposition research on her, on her presidential opponent. Those are radically different things. What the president did is wrong and impeachable.

Todd didn’t have any response to that and moved on to a question about semantics of the phrase “quid pro quo.”

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