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Congressman Denny Heck (D-WA) gave a clinic in how to handle a host who is attempting to minimize the corruption within the Trump administration. He did not give CNN’s Erin Burnett any room to leave her spin unanswered. Every Democrat must learn from this; no shouting required.

Democrat stops CNN Host Erin Burnett from misleading audience

“How much farther do you think this goes Congressman,” Burnett asked. “You know there are some who say, ‘Look, we’re almost at the end. If the biggest charge they have on Flynn is lying to the FBI about a call to the Russian ambassador that we already knew he lied about that’s not that bad.’ They say …”

The Congressman did not allow Erin Burnett to get away with the diminishment of the severity of Flynn’s felony. He interjected assertively.

“Erin, wait a minute,” Heck said forcefully. “It’s a felony, — he’s a felon — he is a felony, punishable by up to five years in jail. Please don’t say it’s not that big a deal. He is now an admitted felon. There are two things about investigations that are timeless and universal. Number one is, it’s the cover-up that will get you not the underlying crime. And the second is follow the money. We’ve yet to go down that trail. But I suspect this is the beginning of that.

“Do you have a concern though, that to the American people, if it is the cover-up and that there is no crime no collusion with the Russians,” Burnett said as she continued an attempt at minimization. “That that will be very difficult to sell to an already extremely divided American public.”

The Congressman was not biting. His answer was tight, to the point, and factual.

“Prima facie there has been collusion,” the Congressman responded. “It’s hiding in plain sight whether it’s all the way back to that June meeting in Trump Tower with Don junior and the Russian national representative or right up into today and the indication that general Flynn was directed to make contact with the Russian ambassador and engage in what was illegal activity.”

Democrats, that is the way you handle the ‘Liberal Media,’ the media that is all but liberal.

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