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Citizens are running for office in opposition to the misogynistic policies of the current administration at all levels of government. In virtually all cases, this means that Democratic cisgender women or transgender people are running against (usually male) Republicans. In Arkansas, Republican John Thurston and Democrat Susan Inman are running for secretary of state. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that Monday’s early voting start was delayed in a few counties where Inman had been left off the ballot at polling places.

“I received a text from a friend who went to the early voting poll and said my name wasn’t on the ballot,” Inman said late Monday morning. “Of course I was in sheer disbelief.”

Inman said she contacted the Garland County Election Commission. Once the Election Commission confirmed that her name was missing from the ballot, however, officials closed the polls, the candidate said.

Commission Executive Secretary Sundra Mallory said that the early-voting counties with the problem had had their ballots corrected by noon. AP reports that 222 ballots with Inman’s name omitted were cast before those voting stations were closed down to fix the error.

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