Democracy is a threat to white supremacy—and that is the cause of America’s crisis

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Inequality is the greatest threat to justice, and the corollary is that white supremacy is the greatest threat to democracy. But what has become clear in recent weeks is that the opposite is true: democracy is the greatest threat to white supremacy.

This explains the white backlash that has plagued American politics from the beginning to the past four years. It also gives us an idea of what we saw yesterday: the failure of the coup-the riots in the US Capitol.

Mobs swept through our revered temple of representative democracy, and on this day, 3,865 more Americans became victims of the increasingly rampant Cor coronavirus pandemic.

Shocking, abominable scenes shocked the world: the Confederate battle flag in the Hall of the National statue; the noose gallows outside the National Mall. Schadenfreude is that two thugs reenact George Freud’s murder on the steps of a Christian Church in the National City, one kneeling around the neck of the other, fully aware that the camera captured their laughter.

There is no doubt: if these people are peaceful protesters out of racial justice, not violent combatants out of white pride and injustice, law enforcement will use extreme force (if not live ammunition) to ensure the safety of buildings. We can know for sure, because this is exactly what happened a few months ago, when federal forces fired tear gas at people at peaceful rallies outside the White House in order to take pictures of the area. As Isabel Wilkerson’s unique and acutely real-time report, “we see castes in action.””

Nor can I see yesterday’s uprising as the latest chapter in a long and frustrating history of exhaustion. However, from the same history, I may (abnormally) have hope.

I am full of hope, because from the contradictions of our founding, we have formed a freer and fairer country. Too slow, too unbalanced, too imperfect (and too costly), our people strive to root out the forces of white supremacy in our DNA.

Our founding desire is simply: desire. From Frederick Douglass and Fannie Lou Hamer to Harriet Tubman and Bayard Rustin, generations have worked to fulfill these aspirations. ” While much remains to be done and is not over, I believe that we can rise and are rising to become a more united, more equal, more just, more American America.

Yes, the ideal of democracy is the greatest threat to white supremacy ideology. Neither can endure for a long time in the company of another person. Therefore, today and every day, we must reaffirm our commitment to protect our democratic values and institutions from all enemies at home and abroad, especially those disguised as Patriots.


Source: Darren Walker, Ford Foundation

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Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con

Correction: George Floyd

chris whitley
chris whitley
That’s what that has been forgotten. The first roof this is the basis for that statement. And that’s the round where the confederates held court. They sought their rules that it was alright for one man to own another man. This was imbedded in our way of life. You had debtors prison where you were locked up till you paid what you owed. Kinda hard since you were locked up. Then you had the thing where someone could buy your services until you paid off your debt. Don’t remember what that was called. But it was the northern version. The… Read more »