Demanding Trump Impeachment, Pelosi’s ‘Resistance’ Award Ceremony Disrupted by Protesters

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Demanding that the nation’s most powerful Democrat use her position to impede President Donald Trump’s vicious anti-immigrant agenda and push for impeachment, progressive activists on Wednesday disrupted a “Heart of the Resistance” event honoring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a lifetime achievement award.

As dozens rallied outside, four activists with Credo Action entered the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel, the site of the $250-per-ticket dinner, and interrupted the award ceremony, calling on Pelosi to heed the demands of the grassroots and a growing number of House Democrats by backing impeachment.

“Speaker Pelosi, I am undocumented. My community is being targeted by ICE and killed by white supremacists. Fight for my community and impeach Trump now,” said Credo Action campaign manager Thaís Marques. “We can’t wait. Impeach Trump.”

In an email to supporters late Wednesday, Credo Action said many Democrats in attendance “shouted Marques down while Speaker Pelosi herself talked over Marques rather than listening to and engaging with her.”

The activists were eventually removed from the event by San Francisco police.

“The time to act is now—we can’t wait on impeachment any longer,” said Marques following the event. “Pelosi’s refusal to hear me speaks volumes about the limits of today’s Democratic Party, which congratulates itself on hating Trump but is unwilling to act to rein him in.”

In addition to demanding that Pelosi back impeachment proceedings, which a majority of House Democrats now support, activists also condemned the Speaker’s decision in June to approve a $4.6 billion Republican border funding package that included virtually no safeguards for immigrant children detained by the Trump administration.

Demonstrators outside the hotel held signs that read, “On Your Watch—$4.59 Billion for Concentration Camps, $5 Billion for Border Wall Funding, 2,167 Children Separated, 24 Migrant Deaths.”

“Speaker Pelosi is letting Trump get away with deporting and oppressing our people and stripping away our rights,” said immigrant rights organization Movimiento Cosecha, which took part in Wednesday’s demonstration. “Just today, he announced plans to detain kids indefinitely. She must use her power to impeach Trump now.”

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Democrats are weak and are being called out for it.

I have an issue with undocumented folks telling Nancy Pelosi what to do and that she should be replaced if she does not do what they want. I understand they are struggling and their dreams of America are not coming true but really if they used this energy in their own countries perhaps things would be different. They are not the only ones suffering from the greedy,malicious,incompetent,probably insane person they want impeached. You have no idea what she knows or why she is making her decisions. Screaming at her is nonproductive. Stop it and turn your attention to getting the… Read more »
Mick owens
Mick owens

I respect Pelose, but shes wrong.. how many more laws does he have to break??! The fools talking about himself in the third person n has stated hes christ, the king of the Jews.. for fk sake whats it gona take!!!!… get rid of the cunt now

Nancy has no interest in returning kids to their families nor does she care about those detained in conditions less than substandard, Pelosi is with trump through indifference to American lives lost at mass shootings or rule of law that she’s steadfast on slow rolling in the courts till statutes of limitations are up. This is why dems are labeled cowards slimy lieing crocodile teared wimpy snowflakes this is why I must say thank you Pelosi for keeping the status quo for denying yet again true accountability and letting trumps narrative become our normal. Moscow mitch leningrad Lindsey and niet… Read more »