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Donald Trump has been extraordinarily petulant the past several days. Sure, even on a good day the guy is basically a spastic colon getting a Sriracha enema from a firehose, but even casual observers have noticed a crescendo of pique overwhelming the toddler occupant of 1600 Penn.

Now, Politico is reporting that there’s a growing pall hanging over the White House — and the anxiety over Mueller’s investigation is evident.

[H]alf a dozen people in contact with the White House and other Trump officials say a deep anxiety has started to set in that Mueller is about to pounce after his self-imposed quiet period, and that any number of Trump’s allies and family members may soon be staring down the barrel of an indictment.

Then there are the president’s own tweets, which have turned back to attacking Mueller after a near two-month break. Thursday morning, Trump launched an oddly detailed condemnation of the special counsel and his team: “They are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want,” adding that the investigators “don’t…care how many lives the[sic] ruin.”

One GOP official says Trump’s mood has been noticeably sour, and speculates that it has everything to do with the Mueller investigation:

“You can see it in Trump’s body language all week long. There’s something troubling him. It’s not just a couple staff screw ups with Melania,” said a senior Republican official in touch with the White House. “It led me to believe the walls are closing in and they’ve been notified by counsel of some actions about to happen. Folks are preparing for the worst.”

Meanwhile, speculation has run rampant that loyal Trump stalwarts Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and even Donald Trump Jr. are about to be indicted. And that may not be the end of it:

[O]thers in contact with the White House say they are picking up a very different sentiment — paranoia that Mueller is far from finished and that there may indeed be more indictments either about to be filed or that have already been entered in federal court under seal.

And with a dearth of official pronouncements coming from Mueller’s office, some journalists are filling in the blanks:

The feeding frenzy is everywhere. John R. Schindler, a columnist for the Observer and former National Security Agency analyst, wrote last week that Mueller was holding “dozens of sealed indictments” involving people associated with Trump, his campaign and the administration. He cited an unnamed intelligence community official who has worked with Mueller as his source.

We’ll see. But with the midterms now over, it would make sense that, were something big to drop, it would drop very soon.


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