So, Jeffrey Epstein is dead. As I noted to my friend and colleague, Jason Miciak, like him I don’t pop a cork for death, any death, but I won’t be lighting any votive candles in his memory either. To my mind, Epstein’s death was perfectly fitting. He died in a concrete cell, with bars and guards between him and the rest of us, especially those that he preyed on. He died in a lousy orange jumpsuit, not a custom tailored suit. And he died with a complete absence of the things he craved the most, not on satin sheets on his own bed, not in his $79 million New York mansion, not on one of his fancy private jets, and not lying on the beach of his own private island. He died in a lousy cell, surrounded by others just as socially repugnant as he himself was.

When I told Teri the news this morning when she got up, we talked about what seems to be the most obvious connotation of Epstein’s demise. That being the fact that, unlike kinder, gentler souls like Jason and myself, there are a whole lot of rich shitpokes out there that are popping corks right now, feeling all fat, and smug, and suddenly protected from their own possible denouement in this sick affair. And the more I thought about that, the more I started thinking to myself, “Good! U hope they keep that shit up, because they’re in for a rude awakening one of these days.”

As Jason pointed out, there are a lot of rich, powerful people who are thrilled that Jeffrey Epstein is no longer drawing breath, mostly so that he can’t use that breath to rat them out in order to try to save his own skin, or even because after all, misery does indeed love company. But when you look at the facts a little more dispassionately, you start to realize that the expectations of said rich shitpokes of their sudden supreme safety may well in fact be nothing more than a pipe dream. Here are some reasons why.

The Little Black Book – Epstein’s “little black book” has been a source of fascination and speculation since the day it was revealed that authorities seized it after clapping the bracelets on Epstein. In fact, tantalizing little nuggets from it have already leaked to the media, including the fact that Epstein had not only something like 17 different contact numbers for Trump, but contact information for Melania as well. Who knows what else is in there?

While Jeffrey Epstein was alive, law enforcement concentration on his contact book was likely spent on using it for the purpose of corroborating his criminal acts. But, with Epstein out of the picture, does anybody really believe that the authorities are just going to seal it in an envelope and lock it in a filing cabinet? Nonsense. The book is a treasure trove of information, and the law is quite likely to continue cataloging it and following up.

Jeffrey Epstein was not exactly a shadowy, hidden figure. He was more like James Bond, yes, he was a “secret” agent, but it wasn’t much of a secret, everybody and his aunt knew who he was, and what he did for a living. Epstein’s predilection for young girls was pretty much an “open secret” everywhere Epstein went. Most certainly people close to Epstein were aware of it, and wouldn’t people, especially rich, well connected men, who spent the most time socializing with Epstein, especially in private settings, not be bitten by his particular kink? With Epstein no longer the focus of their attention, and with a growing number of victims and witnesses, and a road map little black book, I find it highly likely that prosecutors will continue digging, just to see that they can unearth.

The Victims – Epstein’s victims are in fact the real story here, and while I find it highly unlikely that many of them are ready to either forgive, or forget, they themselves should never be forgotten. And whether or not these individual victims are “satisfied” with the outcome, there can be little doubt that they feel both vindicated and justified.

Remember this. The Jeffrey Epstein case has had an incredible shelf life. It created a large splash of media coverage when it was uncovered, and throughout the disposition of it. But an incredible eight years later, during a follow up, a Miami Herald reporter took one look, said “What’s this bullshit?” and the story roared back to life with even more vehemence than it had the first time around. Including an admonition from a federal judge that the law had been broken, and the victims’ rights violated by the pandering, candy ass plea bargain agreed to by then U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but his evil lives on. Epstein’s personal victims are quite likely far from the only ones. And with this particular ending to the Epstein saga, it may well embolden victims of other Epstein “friends” to rid themselves of the shackles of shame ad secrecy, and come forward. And if they do, they will find a sympathetic press, a solid support group of other victims, and most likely a prosecution staff eager to clean up as much of this mess as humanly possible. After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The Network – If there’s one thing you should know by now, it’s that Jeffrey Epstein was not just some random sick fuck, standing around in a raincoat outside a school yard, shaking a bag of Skittles, and trying to entice young girls back to his car. Jeffrey Epstein was an incredibly rich sick fuck, whose personal fetish had become an obsession, and who had the resources to make that obsession come true, as efficiently as possible.

Some of it we already know. Epstein had a staff of trained recruiters, ready to keep a steady flow of fresh, new young girls coming. He had dedicated drivers, who picked up and dropped the girls off. He had paymasters, who actually scheduled the payments to the girls, and noted the payments for record keeping purposes. And he had servants and staff who knew damn well enough to “look the other way.”

Most, if not all of them, are criminally liable for aiding and abetting a criminal child sex trafficking organization. And I find it highly likely that most, if not all of them, are preparing to take every step available to them in order to keep their own sorry asses from frying. Who knows what they saw? Who knows who they saw doing it? And with Jeffrey Epstein now a past tense noun, he isn’t available to roll over on anymore. If they are in legal jeopardy, they’re going to need another “bigger fish” for prosecutors to fry.

Look at it this way. Jeffrey Epstein already had a efficient, well oiled pedophile procurement operation going. If any of Epstein’s “friends” had sampled some of his forbidden fruit, and found it palatable, isn’t it much more likely that they would try to “borrow” his already up and running service, rather than risk exposure in trying to get the girls themselves? And if they did, then there are now drivers, schedulers, and paymasters who know about it. And can talk about it, even possibly provide corroborating evidence, to save their own scuzzy hides.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who thinks that the sordid cries of Jeffrey Epstein are all going to die with him, are fooling themselves. The crimes were too horrific, and too numerous, and the network, not only of “friends,” but also of criminally culpable enablers, is too large for it all to end with the demist of Jeffrey Epstein. For me, the only questions are who, and how many?

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  1. I think Barr is doing everything he can to make this investigation die with Epstein. I also think he had something to do with his suicide. He is nefarious.

  2. When are we as a nation going to stop allowing a crooked justice department dictate the laws in this country. Are we really that cowardly or stupid.

  3. The quests is still , was Epstein hanged or strangled. And there is a difference. If he was hanged , he should have ligature marks on his neck .
    ..How did he attach the sheet to the
    device , IE ceiling ,bed frame , or what .
    And what did he jump of of to hang himself?
    .,On the other hand , if he strangled himself ,
    there would not be any broken bones , only blood (pressure mark ) in his eyes .
    ..We need more opinions on the cause of death
    .,But ,not likely sense ( low ) Barr , became
    Trump’ s , PERSONNEL LAWYER , at the taxpayers expense!!
    I hate to say this ,but something
    .,, “stinks on DENMARK “.
    ..Maybe that’s why trump wants to buy that ,
    huge block of ice ,called Greenland ??!


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