Dear Rudy, Here’s the REAL waste of taxpayer dollars.

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According to AP News, Rudy Guiliani is demanding news.  He wants a readout of classified information which outlines the use of an informant, who both he and Trump have been referring to – despite a lack of an proof – as a “spy”.

Guiliani said,  “If the spying was inappropriate, that means we may have an entirely illegitimate investigation.”

Of course he is saying that.  He’s trying anything and everything to discredit the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

But then, he went on to say, “We’d urge the Justice Department to re-evaluate, to acknowledge they made a mistake. It’s a waste of $20 million of the taxpayers’ money. The whole thing is already a waste of money.”

Waste of money??

Before Guiliani gets too far with this ridiculous argument, let’s just review the expenses paid by taxpayer money thanks to good ol’ Donny, shall we?

In April, reported these costs, attributed to the golf trips, travel and security used by Donald Trump in his first 13 months in office:

1. $26.98 million in flights to Mar-a-Lago
2. $13 million for Mar-a-Lago security
3. $8.48 million for flights to Bedminster
4. $103,000 to cover golf carts for the Secret Service
5. $3.4 million for Palm Beach law enforcement during Trump visits
6. $75 million to protect Melania and Barron in New York

There’s some news for you, Rudy.  Let that price tag sink in.  And save the feigned outrage of extravagant expenses since it is not going to fly, especially with your billionaire pal at the helm of this ship!

AND, many of us have already re-evaluated and acknowledged it WAS a very, very big mistake.  Trump is clearly a waste of money.

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Rudy’s “billionaire” pal needs his handle in inverted commas, (and his hands in cuffs).