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It’s a tragic state of affairs when the majority of the Fourth Estate are allowing Donald Trump, and his nepotism-clan to literally get away with murder on the airwaves, day in and day out, with only a few intrepid voices attempting to push back and challenge the Administration’s cabal of liars, grifters and con-artists. They are sentencing many of us to death from COVID-19, and millions more of us with unimaginable hardship and suffering.

I have a suggestion for pundits, reporters, the White House press corps and opinionaters. Go listen to Auntie Maxine Waters and plagiarize. Steal her words and questions to use. I’m sure she won’t mind. Hell, she’ll be happy to see some of y’all develop spines.

She’s faced death threats, is mocked daily, hated on by racists and sexists, and she continues to speak her mind, and raise major issues — bluntly and forcefully. Y’all should be ashamed that you let an eighty-one year old Black Sistah do your damn jobs.

I applauded Rep. Waters last month in, “Auntie Maxine takes Trump to the Twitter woodshed.”  Time for some more of her moxie.

Go out and get some damn answers to her very on point questions.

She ain’t letting Kushie off the hook.

Is Trump just vindictive or is there another reason for his behavior?

Thank you Auntie Maxine — we the people want to know “WHY.”

She also called out the absolute idiocy of allowing Trump to practice medicine.

Could we please send some of the wimps and sycophants drawing checks from major media outlets to Maxine’s school?

Forget journalism degrees. Learn the “Auntie Maxine Third degree.”

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  1. I don’t believe Trump took that first coronavirus test and that it came back negative, so I filed a FOIA request with the CDC for proof. They responded, but then they went silent.

    Under FOIA, if I don’t receive satisfaction, I can appeal. Then I can file a lawsuit, but I don’t have the financial resources to file a lawsuit. Is there an attorney in the house with $$$ who would like to PROVE that Trump lied once again, If so, please contact me and I’ll send you the CDC’s response to my FOIA request.

  2. Good for you , Bill. I think he lied too. He said it was his personal doc that tested him. Why not white house doc? He then disappeared for about a week after that mar a lago meeting with Bolsonaro. He reappeared sweating and wearing tons of makeup at a presser. He had it. He just did not want to admit it.
    Inam sick of the press. Its so much news falling to the waistline. Instead all they talk about is corona deaths, infections, and chloroquine. Lets get into how and why Trumps are hoarding National stockpile and diverting taxpayer dollars to private industry. Stimulus money, where is it. My private practice still has not gotten any small business loan money that we applied for last week. We have not even gotten our tax refund.

  3. He thinks all Americans are as stupid as his cultist. Ask the damn questions; he wants to be seen everyday he should be made to show his true criminal side everyday.

  4. Well it just came out this morning that trump and a significant group of his supporters have a financial interest in the parent company that manufactures this malaria snake oil. Now I suppose you could call it coincidence that trumps three trusts for his supposed divestment of his company list this drug company as the top company in all three portfolios. Myself I kinda call it suspicious. And I thought there were rules against touting your own agenda while in office. Of course, that would probably excuse his firing the watchdog for the 2.2 trillion dollars relief act.

  5. COVIDIOT-45 and his kremlin clown show shouldn’t be allowed on the air. It makes one wonder how widdle impeached donny keeps on out smarting democrats. Russian financed republiCLOWNS have fox democrats have nothing. I am moving to Canada after this. AMERICAN politicians make me sick. Literally.

  6. I don’t believe one single word he says. I haven’t for along time. I swear I don’t understand why reporters keep asking him questions. The lying just gets worse and worse. He’s criminally insane. I pray he’s out in Nov. Nothing else is going to help America start to heal from his destruction. And the vile supporters voted out as well. They have absolutely been a huge part of this madness. The virus is his fault, I don’t care what anyone says.

    • Yeah, I wish at least ONE reporter would say, “Hey,stop trying to be the biggest bully in the sand pit when we ask questions. You don’t intimidate me so tell the American people the god damn truth for a change”..


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