The GOP’s favorite boogeyman is back! And, man, is he busy!

Grassley’s sure he’s behind la Resistance. Gohmert says we should “Heil Soros.” DeSantis has decided Soros’ specter is a better pitch than straight up race baiting.

And, of course, Himself’s always ready to jump on the conspiracy train:

Here’s a funny bit: they’re not entirely wrong. Soros will probably drop around $16 mil or more on progressive candidates and causes this cycle. Scary stuff, huh?

(Well, not as scary as others. The Kochs are set to poop almost half a billion onto our TVs and computer screens.)

But the funniest bit of all: They can stop this eeeeeevil ferrener in his tracks.

With control of both houses and the White one up the street, Republicans could cut George Soros and MoveOn and all their scary dark-money boogeymen off at the knees with one, simple move.

Last year, Rep. Jim McGovern introduced H.J. Res. 88, the People’s Rights Amendment, an amendment to the Constitution that would overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which defined money as speech and opened the floodgates to unregulated and unreported political spending.

The amendment would have to go through ratification by the states, of course, but Republicans could get the ball rolling right now. And once they explain to their state leg partisans how the amendment would really stick it to those dirty hippies, I imagine ratification would come quickly.

Got that, my ‘Pubs? You have the tool to nut Soros and all his liberal fellow-travelers right at hand. Pass the amendment and own those libs!

Oh, don’t thank me. Happy to help.

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