Amy Coney Barrett-

Where Empathy Went to Die  (IMO)

Wealthy white woman, who doesn’t seem to understand how contraception works, wants all pregnant women to give birth, even if it kills them. 

Then she doesn’t give a damn what happens next.  Adoption?  Sure.  Drop off at a fire station in the middle of the night?  Penny saver want ads?  Whatever. 

Apparently she thinks this is where the choice comes in.



Currently, when a woman is unintentionally pregnant, she may choose to:

  • terminate the pregnancy
  • continue the pregnancy & at birth, allow others to adopt & parent
  • continue the pregnancy & at birth, parent this child herself

When Dems say choice, we mean choice; we support women & THEIR choice.

All of these choices are honorable. 

Anti-abortion folks think differently.


I think women know the circumstances of their own lives best.

I think that women are the best judges of whether they are:

  • ready for a pregnancy at whatever point THEY are at in life;
  • prepared to run the risks of carrying a pregnancy to term;
  • able to raise a child or give that child up for adoption.

I have & will continue to support:

  • women who have had an abortion
  • women who have given a child up for adoption
  • women who are adoptive, foster, &/or birth parents

(Thus I honor Barrett for the role she chose as a parent, but not in her role as Associate Justice.)


Barrett, however, seems to live in a safe social, emotional, & financial bubble.

She appears to assume every other American female does as well.

Therefore, she assigns herself the role of making their choices, too.

Who better understands the status of American women & their potential parenting needs?

Try Representative Lauren Underwood—

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14) celebrated President Biden signing the first bill of the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act into law today at a White House bill signing ceremony. The Protecting Moms Who Served Act is one of 12 bills in the sweeping Momnibus package introduced by Underwood to eliminate preventable maternal mortality and advance birth equity across the United States. Enacting the Protecting Moms Who Served Act is a historic investment to address the unique risk factors facing veterans during and after their pregnancies.

“I am so proud that my bill, the bipartisan Protecting Moms Who Served Act, was signed into law by the President today—the first bill in my Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act to be become law,” said Underwood. “This is a historic investment to provide our veterans with the world-class maternal health care they’ve earned – and it’s just the beginning. I’m thrilled that every single one of the eligible provisions of my Momnibus legislation, along with a permanent expansion of postpartum Medicaid coverage, were included in the Build Back Better Act that passed in the House of Representatives – we have the momentum to get this done and I’m more motivated than ever to see this entire package enacted.”…


Who seems to believe that women are at zero physical or emotional risk during pregnancy, while giving birth, & postpartum? 

At least 1 female & 5 male US Supreme Court Justices.

The Anti-Abortion crew are singularly focus on fetal life.  And only fetal life.

As More States Restrict Abortions, Research Points to Negative Health Outcomes for Women, Families

There are much greater physical health risks of carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth than there are of having an abortion, even a later abortion.

Women report more serious complications from birth than they do from abortions. Six percent of women who gave birth compared to 1 percent of women who received an abortion reported a potentially life-threatening condition, things like preeclampsia and postpartum hemorrhage. And there are physical health consequences of being denied an abortion that last for up to five years.….

Pro-Choice folks support the full variety of a woman’s choices.  For women who choose to carry to term, our support for them & their children does not end at birth.  We want those women to have support & healthcare throughout their lives & their children’s lives.  We want opportunities to be available for them & their children throughout their lives.

Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021
Sponsors: Representative Lauren Underwood (IL14); Senator Cory Booker (DNJ)

In the richest nation on earth, moms are dying at the highest rate in the developed world and the rate is rising. For as dire as the situation is overall, the crisis is most severe for Black moms in the U.S., who are dying at 3 to 4 times the rate of their white counterparts, and other women and birthing people of color. To address this crisis, Representatives Lauren Underwood & Alma Adams, Senator Cory Booker, and Members of the Black Maternal Health Caucus are introducing the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021. The Momnibus builds on existing legislation like 12month postpartum Medicaid coverage to comprehensively address every dimension of the maternal health crisis in the United States

Bill Summary here:…

How can we facilitate a meeting?

I think Underwood needs to talk with Barrett about the facts of life & how many American women die during or shortly after childbirth.  Strip off this woman’s blinders as quickly & thoroughly as possible.  

Underwood can speak to this professionally as a trained nurse.

She can speak to it personally, too, as a woman who lost a very close friend to complications of delivery.


Perhaps, Underwood can also introduce Barrett to people not exactly like Amy & her cozy bubble.

I am dismayed, but not surprised to see such gross immaturity in a Supreme Court justice.  I grew up with a similar background, basic education, & religion.

I may have had ideas similar to her oral argument questions—

When I was 12.  Then I grew up, learned complexity, & nuance.

I was in high school when Roe V Wade was being debated.

Maybe if Amy had overheard our gym class locker room changing sessions, she would have more insight into the world before her time & into which she is so eager to return all American women of child-bearing age.  Accidental pregnancy and available options was a reoccurring discussion topic.

The conversation that I will always remember started with a girl who announced that if she became pregnant before marriage she wouldn’t have to worry about getting an abortion.  Her father had told her what her options were.  If she was accidentally pregnant & unwed, she was to go to the train station & wait.

Then, when the train came, she would have her choice.

She could get on it, or get under it. 

No one spoke after that until the bell rang.

That’s the choice I don’t support, Amy. That’s is a world I don’t want to see again.

Message to Joe Biden-

Dude, I love you.  Frankly, you’re tons better as President than I ever thought you would be.  You are a regular practicing Catholic.  I’m a very irregular Catholic, at best.   But we seem to share the same core tenets about being a kind, decent person, as best we can.  You may have a chance to pick one or more Supreme Court justices. 

Joe-  You & I are over-represented on SCOTUS.  Currently it is too white, too Catholic, too suburban, with a too comfortable &/or wealthy background. 

Pick some who doesn’t look like us & can’t sing an Ave Maria by heart.


Dear Readers- I have a request for your New Year’s Resolution

Please write to Amy & explain to her why everything she thinks she knows is so very wrong for so many women in our country.

Dear Associate Justice  Barrett,

You seem to think that your experience of pregnancy is, or should be, the same for every female. 

You are wrong. 

Here is my story—

[Then be honest.  Tell the story of your pregnancy & the choices you made.  Talk about your health needs & personal needs.

Guys-You may know a women has gone through these life choices. You can ask if they will write or let your write & share their story.]

It doesn’t have to be long.  Just write from your heart.

Your letter will be logged in to the records of correspondence received by the Supreme Court. You can choose to sign your legal name, your social media handle, or use a “concerned woman/man” tag.  Will Barrett read it?  I don’t know, but if we all write in, she’ll know the intensity of our interest.

Write a letter rather than calling or email.  The extra effort will be noticed.  Calls & email are easier for the court to ignore, because they don’t go to individual justices.

Address for Mail

Attn: Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Send to all 9 Justices.  They all need to know this info.  Your experience matters.

Other Justices: Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, Associate Justice Elena Kagan, Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch.


This issue no longer affects me directly.  I have aged out of any potential pregnancy as an immediate concern.  I have been lucky in my life.  The birth control methods I chose were available, affordable, & effective.

I do worry for younger women.  I want them to have choices, too.

Also, I worry what the current US Supreme Court will destroy next.


Men who are allies- We do need your support & votes to fight for abortion rights, to improve quality maternal care for all who need it, & to increase access to good education, healthcare, and opportunities for all our children.

You can assist in other ways, too, of course.  ;^)



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