In times of stress, we are supposed to be united as one people.  One of the biggest detriments to fighting this pandemic has been the idiots determined to ignore it or put others at risk.

We have mask mandates.  I wear my mask.  But I more frequently encounter people not wearing theirs.  Here is what I do:

Not a thing.  Nothing.  I avoid them, I leave, I go home.  I have specific training to protect myself.  This is not a scared thing.  This is a “worth it” thing.  As in its not.  If I approach them, I am violating my own code of social distancing.  Plus there is the Grandpa advice.

Like many Grandpas, he made sure to let me know there is always someone bigger, stronger, tougher.  No matter how experienced and street tested I might be, someone can come along and gift wrap my ass with a bow on it.  He taught me to box, so one day he saw me in action and I thought he would be proud.  To an extent he was, but he also made sure I understood the difference between self defense and elective engagement.

See the lesson is that regardless of how tough and trained you are, if you run up against someone who is meaner then you had better bring your lunch box.  Some of these guys will give up teeth or even an eye to take a piece from you.

In a way, I treat these people as if they are armed.  They are walking around unmasked, presenting themselves as a threat unconcerned about the welfare of others.  Their spittle is no less than a weapon if they are infected.  And they probably don’t care if they are.

I can’t accomplish anything in a fight with these people.  I can’t teach them a lesson, I can’t protect the public.  I can’t even set an example to others if I lower myself like that.

And still I feel guilty.  We as a society should have made mask violations have real teeth, but instead we have Republicans all over this country making us compliant considerate folks out to be the bad guys.

So screw it.

Don’t confront these people.  If they get Covid, if they die, they had ample information they chose to ignore to worship their Orange god.  Walk away.  Go home.  

Then seriously consider how much outside contact you really need to make with a world losing its mind.


Earlier I published a diary about the Ma’kiah Bryant case and had someone accuse me of intellectual dishonesty.  I disagree but I unpublished the post to review in further detail the specific videos I cited as examples of alternative policing.

Update on Robert:   This began on Christmas Eve night.  My Wife and I have a tradition of donating through her work to Toys for Tots, but because of Covid, her work was not organizing it as normal.

So after buying a lot of toys at Target, we decided to drive around and look for someone.  But we did not know exactly who.  You see some time ago my Mother had to work on Christmas Eve at a convenience store.  So did my Grandfather.   For those of you who don’t know, Christmas Eve is a strange night to work convenience stores.  I decided then that I would make this right; both to my Mom and in the future for other single Moms.  So it was on this night we were searching for a specific person.

We happened upon a Circle-K and started talking to the workers.  A young woman came up in uniform and we asked her if she had kids.  She had three.  12, 10, and 3.  The latter one I believe she said was a baby girl.  I asked her what the situation looked like, you know, for “Santa.”  She teared up.  Her children had not a single toy to open.

We had found our person.  We gave her the toys while this lady cried for 10 minutes in sheer joy and she promised to pay it forward someday.

Feeling good, on Christmas morning I decided to do a random Twitter giveaway to those I saw who posted about being hungry or hopeless on Christmas.  I met Robert.  His story was heartbreaking, and his awkward but refreshing manner touched my heart.  So I decided to help.  And oh boy.  You are so awesome.

Thanks to your help, he and his pooties and wuzzles are eating and not thrown out of their home.  He is in the process of doing an ultrasound to look at his heart, and it is so crucial for him to keep his insurance.  

Tito the dog is resting comfortably, but after explaining that the dog is probably not a candidate at his age to deal with brain surgery, he has decided to focus on palliative care.  Most of all he is trying to navigate life in a town with little to no jobs and no interest in a server in his mid 50’s with severe mobility issues and a potentially failing heart.

In the coming days I intend to release a series of diaries about  the deficit in assisting those physically challenged.  Any other questions just ask.  He is always on the brink of homelessness if their home is condemned, and he is trying to get the repairs done to prevent that.

If you can find it in your heart to help, his story and how to help can be found here:…?

To send him immediate assistance…

I am still giving.

In any case thanks for reading and be well.


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