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What is going on? 

Pr*sident Trump barely went off script Tuesday reading a TelePrompTer speech in a tone of voice seemingly modulated by Ritalin—though the content still reeked—and he’s not verbally attacking real or imaginary enemies with tweets from his bed.

Did the First Lady tell him she’s filing for divorce? Or just that’s she’s going to let the whole nation see what she thinks of him every way she can without saying a word to do it?

Has the White House chef refused to make any more cheeseburgers? Has the Coca-Cola Company refused further deliveries? 

Has the White House physician told him secretly that he’d better shape up if he expects to run for a second term?

Did Bob Mueller phone him to say “Gotcha!” And then hang up?

Has the Committee for the Preservation of the White House for the 10th time nixed the installation of a gold toilet?

What is going on?

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