Trump made what was supposed to be a policy speech in PA. yesterday but, in violation of the Hatch Act, he turned it into a political rally.
CNN Reporter Daniel Dale was there to summarize the speech for us.

(following is a  unrolling of Dale’s tweets.)

“Trump won the Pennsylvania county where he’s speaking now by 18 points. He tells the crowd that he thinks it was “28 points.”
Trump tells union workers that if their union leaders don’t support Trump, workers should “vote ’em the hell out of office, because they’re not doing their job.”
Trump says that when he was a little boy, like four years old, he loved trucks, and even though he’s now president, he still loves trucks, nothing has changed, he loves trucks.
Trump is now talking about copper theft. You can tell when Trump is very bored with his prepared text.
Trump is telling his usual story about how roads should be straight, but sometimes they’re planned to be oddly curvy to avoid “nesting” and other environmental problems, and then, after 21 years, regulators reject the proposal anyway.

Trump suggested at length that he is responsible for the plant he’s speaking at…which Shell made a final decision to build in June 2016 under Obama. (The company does say his approach to energy issues has helped.)

Trump tells the workers, in this official speech allegedly about energy, that they can drive the media “totally crazy” if they “go to hashtag third term, hashtag fourth term,” suggesting he’ll stay in office longer than two terms.
(Trump says that he’s joking about all this, that he’s just trolling the media.)

Trump tells the workers, in this official speech allegedly about energy, that they can drive the media “totally crazy” if they “go to hashtag third term, hashtag fourth term,” suggesting he’ll stay in office longer than two terms.

Trump, falsely claiming the steel industry would be “dead” without him and falsely claiming no steel mill had been built in 30 years, puts on a pitiful voice and says, without him, we’d have to call up China and say, “Could you send us some steeeeel pleeease?”

Trump falsely suggests that the US only exports “wheat” to Japan, then says Japan doesn’t even want the wheat it buys from the US, “they do it to make us feel good.” (???)

Trump falsely says China “flatlined” for “100 years” until it was allowed in the WTO. It was one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the decades prior. Trump then falsely claims the US was just losing and losing at the WTO before him and now “they’re giving us victories.”
Trump, complaining of emoluments suits against him, says this presidency is costing him a “fortune” and mocks complaints about him renting hotel rooms to Saudis for “$500.” He says, “What about the $5 billion that I’ll lose?” (There’s no evidence he’s losing that.)
Mocking complaints about his business dealings as president, Trump complains that Obama’s $60 million book deal isn’t being investigated even though it’s such a big amount. He says there’s a double standard for him. These things are not at all alike.
Trump, miming computer manufacturing as if it’s a dainty endeavor, mocks the suggestion that workers would want to learn to work in a computer plant and make a “little tiny piece of stuff.” He says they wanna dig coal and manufacture steel.
Trump falsely says of China, “They don’t have oil and gas.”
Trump says, looking back at the media in the room, “That’s a lot of people back there for like an 11 o’clock speech.” It is 2:40 PM.
Trump is proudly recounting how he asked African-Americans during the campaign what the hell they had to lose, since they had “the worst crime rates, the worst education, the worst everything.”
Trump, speaking at a Shell plant, tells a Shell executive he doesn’t know where Shell is based: “I don’t know where the hell he comes from.” He then immediately says, “Hey, how about moving Shell to the United States?” He then adds he knows they have a US arm.
Trump, boasting of the thousands of Mexican troops now guarding the border, keeps adding additional alleged details about the previous situation: “I think we had 3…2-and-a-half soldiers…one was sitting down all the time…”
Trump mocks the Green New Deal, then says he doesn’t want to do that because he mocked Warren as “Pocahontas” too early, then calls her Pocahontas again, saying she is making a comeback on Biden and “we’ll have to hit Pocahontas very hard again if she does win.”
Trump, complaining of New York’s energy policies, adds, “All New York likes to do is sue me…they’re always suing me…they sue me for everything…” Workers behind him are shuffling on their feet stone-faced.
Trump said that most people here probably don’t know he’s from New York.
“I got it approved. Veterans Choice,” Trump says, for more than the 80th time, of the program signed into law by Obama in 2014.
Trump has concluded. That was a…non-traditional presidential address.”


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  1. What I love about this type of Trump speech, is he doesn’t even realize how stupid it makes him look. I mean the entire world knows he’s mentally ill, but it shows the world never take him serious.

  2. Even reading that attempted summary of Trump’s verbal diarrhea by a literate, coherent, and (comparatively speaking) sane person makes me go cross eyed and the bile rises. I’m at the point where I can’t read or hear anything that idiot says or does without risking an aneurysm.

    It is absolutely infuriating that not only do people condone/support his behavior but they are such incredibly stupid sheep that they believe everything that comes out of his fat, raving mouth. If any of these nutjobs shut off FOX News & took 30 seconds – literally 30 seconds – they would be set straight on 90 % of his lies ( which he can’t keep straight either, you’d think these bobbleheads would notice). I’m being VERY optimistic here but maybe by realizing and acknowledging they’ve been misled on 90% of what he said, the MAGAts would take ans excruciatingly long 5 minutes and get the facts on the other 10% (ie Election Tampering, Tariffs, The Great Tax Failure AKA “Fuck You if you’re not a Multimillionaire Business Owner “, The Mueller Report AkA No, you’re not exonerated” and so on).

    If only these people would read / listen to the Mueller Report. That includes the damn Republicans supposedly representing us…..shouldn’t that be required reading? Does Congress have to be like High School and reports will have a quiz afterwards? I`’m sure someone has made a “Mueller Report For Dummies ” already (because those books are fantastic) so what we need is a Mueller Report : Picture Book” or cartoon- lots of bright colors & songs/voices with a wide range in tones are proven to keep attention longer.

    But let’s be real: They don’t give a shit until it personally affects them. OH NO! Farmers can’t sell crops, lost their markets and their bailouts were mishandled (But bailouts =/= Socialism)? NOW they’re Angry. SUPRISE! Coal Jobs didn’t come back! Now coal workers are angry. GASP! Not only did your automotive plant shut down anyways and go to Mexico, there were ADDITIONAL cuts and shutdowns! NOW Autoworkers are angry! WHAAAAAT? Trump DIDN’T revitalize small town, middle of nowhere America by NOT investing in fixing our infrastructure, job re-training programs, solar energy, windmill & solar tech, manufacturing automation and more of the literally 1000s of things that were NOT OIL, have exponential job growth and can’t fill jobs fast enough? Yeah, so they’re finally mad too, but only bc Trump keeps talking about cities on “the twitter” and ignoring them.

    The sooner people realize a nation is better, stronger ans smarter when ALL of it’s people are healthy, educated and have access to basic needs and opportunities, the faster we can develop into a leading nation again. Our choices aren’t Succeed or fail – it’s quite literally succeed or die. I laugh at people worried about the dollar amout: How do you send a bill collector to dead, scorched earth? We can’t even take false comfort in thinking wed be dead before the end – thanks to Fracking, we tripled the
    Timeline. By 2030, it’s going to too late. Actually it’s already too late, all we can do is minimize the impact.

    Wow where did all THAT come from?I’m VERY sorry. Talk about verbal diarrhea. I’m posting it anyways- it made me feel better to write and probably 3 people will get this far lol.


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