Danger: Trump Celebrates Republican “Unity”


I find this terrifying.

This is an American president who has never polled above 50% approval. At best, this president knows that only half the American people support him in not being removed from office. At best.

He is celebrating that among “his” party, there has never been greater “unity.” (Obviously, we are not appraising whether the assertion is true or not, I don’t know, nor care how Trump measures that “unity.” The point is that he values it so highly). This is the language and behavior of a tyrant, one who is looking to deepen divisions among Americans. This is someone who is only interested in surviving personally, not someone interested in the country.

Of course, were Trump not consumed by his own personal fate, he would not have been attempting to bribe Ukraine into investigating Biden and wouldn’t be in this position. So, it is kind of a chicken and egg type of thing.

Trump is celebrating that the “hoax” is bringing his people closer together. He is celebrating that the definition of being a “Republican” is getting wholly subsumed into “loyalty to Trump,” that quality he always wanted in everyone around him, the only quality any dictator cares about. This is how fascists speak, they speak of loyalty, unity, strength and division. It is all about the leader and the leader’s grip on power, not support of the people as citizens. This country has cooperated, as increasingly we categorize ourselves by our allegiance or lack of allegiance to Trump.

It is just how Trump – the wanna be dictator – likes it. Trump now defines who has power in America’s executive branch (and judicial, increasingly), and increasingly even defines who is charged with crimes, and who is punished. If you align with Trump, he will use his power to assist you. Everything else is “extra.”

More proof? Sure.

Trump’s tweet thanking Sen. Neely Kennedy, Oxford University graduate, who debased himself and the entire senate by going on Meet the Press to highlight Putin’s talking points, directly to Chuck Todd:

Look at Trump’s words: “Represented me” and “the Republican party.” Trump did not say Kennedy “represented” the United States or people of Louisiana. Nor could Kennedy have gone to Meet the Press to speak for himself as a United States Senator. Trump took Kennedy’s own identity, too. Trump took control of the narrative by defining for whom Kennedy spoke, and of course, Kennedy spoke “for” Trump.

This is tyrannical language, it is all about personal loyalty and “whom” one values, not “what.” Remember when Trump first spoke to Comey? “I need loyalty.” Comey promised to always bring Trump the truth. Trump didn’t want “the truth,” he wanted personal loyalty. A normal president would fire an FBI director that pledged “personal loyalty” over truth. Not Trump, he demanded it.

Kennedy lied, outright lied, putting out propaganda and disinformation about what Ukraine actually did with respect to 2020. Kennedy asserted that the president of Ukraine “worked for” the Hillary campaign. Imagine a Democrat sitting on Meet the Press, asserting that Putin worked “FOR” THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN and imagine the pushback about “no collusion.” Yet Kennedy walks in and spouts Kremlin conspiracy theories and Trump congratulates Kennedy for “representing” him.

United States senators do not “represent” the president, another indication that Trump is transforming the way we speak and our expectations.

This is how democracies die, from within, piece by piece, at the hands of someone who swore to uphold the constitution, but is working to destroy it. He does it right in front of our eyes on a daily basis.


Peace, y’all


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It will take God to destroy all these wicked people at Armageddon, man cannot kill them all more just rise up.

chris whitley
chris whitley

My sentiments exactly!


The tangerine turdmuffin has normalized corruption, if the republitard congress would have done something/anything to reign him in things might be different? Maybe that was wishful thinking but they could have done something. Instead they chose to blindly follow the orange piper. Let’s hope that the impeachment proceedings resolve our situation, if not than we have to vote him out

Facts Hurt
Facts Hurt

Or riot🤷🏼‍♂️

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Most crooks hand out together , but eventually
they hang alone !
The Republicans are due for a good hanging!