“Dance With The One That Brung Ya”


Dear Vice President Biden and Senator Harris,

I am so proud of you two. You are kicking ass and taking names, and the debates haven’t even started yet! That will be a real opportunity to strut your stuff, and close the deal. With that being said, in this current moment, I find in necessary to remind you of the words of the very mortal Chris Matthews, dance with the one that brung ya.

The tragic passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaves us all with a feeling of personal loss, she was just that kind of a woman, literally a national treasure. But the sudden opening of her seat this late in the election cycle is something else too. It is the ultimate distraction.

And that is exactly what Trump and his merry minions are going to play it for. This seat represents a lifeline for Trump because he can pound that drum ceaselessly to try to distract from his pathetic failure as a President and leader. He will try to use the lure of another Supreme Court seat to energize his base. Who cares? His base cannot win this election! And the voters he has shed in the last four years are unlikely to let that one fact drag them back to Trump when so much of what he says and does repulses them.

At the risk of being boring, I will repeat myself, Dance with the one who brung ya! Democratic South Carolina Senate challenger Jamie Harrison just gave a pitch perfect interview to Joshua Johnson on MSNBC. Of course he slammed Lindsey  Graham for his hypocrisy in saying one thing in 2018, and then pivoting back to the party line in 2020. But then he immediately swung back into the standard litany of complaints that showed how Graham was so out of touch with his own constituents, and unfit to serve. There’s your game plan.

By all means, slam McConnell and the GOP Senate for their rampant hypocrisy and opportunism, but then pivot. Go back to the subjects that have built you durable leads not only nationally, but in every swing state. Trump’s toxic personality and ethics, his soulless bungling of the coronavirus that has left more than 200,000 of our citizens dead. And I’m particularly pleased with Vice President Biden’s new attack line, drawing a distinct difference between the Main Street economy that the coronavirus has devastated, and the Wall Street economy that has so vastly enriched Trump and his friends. Effectively prosecuted, spotlighting Trump as an elitist rather than the defender of the common man can be effective, especially with the incredible financial strain so many people are under.

After all, it’s not like you have to fight this battle alone. You have 47 Senators and 240 Representatives that are all foaming at the mouth. Let them do their job. The reporting today stated that activist groups nationwide, on all varieties of issues that could be affected by the Supreme Court are mobilizing to take to the streets to make their feelings known. There are more of them, and they’re better organized, let them carry this battle, masses of bodies in the street on video is multitudes more compelling than anything you can say in front of a microphone.

We just spun out of the far turn, and are thundering into the home stretch. This is no time for distraction. Trump is unpopular with a majority of the people for a reason, and don’t forget it. Maintain your focus, and keep your stride long and true. Oh, and one more thing. Both of you get your butts up to Michigan! Michael Moore said today that people told him up in his home state of Michigan that they can’t even get freakin Biden-Harris signs for their front yard! Wazzup with that? A grand strategy is great, but pay attention to details too! Remember, more people see a single one of those signs every day than see you on the news.

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Yes! This should be the game plan!