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Journalist Dan Rather told interviewer Chris Hayes Tuesday night that Donald Trump was not “winning the battle for hearts and minds,” and that the cancellation of Roseanne marked a turning point.

“The tone set by the president is terrible, particularly as it applies to race relations. The other is the perception that he’s somehow winning this battle for hearts and minds, which I for one, do not believe…what ABC and Disney did today, frankly surprised me almost to the point of shocking me. They made a big money decision, it costs them a lot of money. They decided the right thing. They decided it quickly. They decided against their own monetary interests. And I don’t think you could give enough credit to the corporate leadership…this indicates to me that somehow this perception that Trump is somehow winning the battle for ‘it’s okay to say what you want’ — I don’t think he is. Now maybe that’s the result of my own optimism and I think we may look back on this day as a turning point or part of some wide turning points that we’ve seen.”

Michael Schur, tweeting as Ken Tremendous, is co-creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Are you sitting down for this one?

Here’s the bottom line from a voice actor on Frozen.

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  1. Thanks for the health warning. I sure needed it. Bill O’Reilly called it a vicious personal attack ! Who’d a thunk it. Bill didn’t call out Limbaugh for calling Ms.Fluke a slut & he bashed the women that complained about sexual abuse, but now, suddenly, he has a moral compass. Why don’t you use your new found moral compass to call out the impostor president for the lying racist he is?


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