Published tonight by Josh Marshall for Talking Points Memo, an accusation and a plea.

Translated into rough English, from a Finnish TPM member who believes that the U.S. has yet to come to terms with the role we’ve played in providing the backdrop for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. His thesis is that Russia has viewed the U.S. as a “back door” towards weakening Europe and NATO in its reaction to the invasion.

I understand you would like to see your heroic country as the navel of the world and as the main focus of any operation, but I am sorry to inform that, in this case, you are only cheap tools. You had to be weakened (and Britain manipulated to Brexit etc) in order to facilitate invasions to Ukraine, Belarussia and a list of other neighboring pieces of land in Putin’s future Menu.

So, as a KGB officer would plan, they came exactly from the opposite direction than where they were expected. They professionally built an operation web among the rural redneck cowboys, evangelical christians, the NRA, the most republican of all republicans, your law enforcement, some military people, big business etc etc. They popped up to the surface from within the “core americans”, but their long dive before that was planned and had started from the Kremlin’s operation board.

The contention is that the insurrection of Jan. 6 was a seminal moment for Putin’s security services.

Had Trump succeeded to keep in power, the march of Putin to various targets in the Eastern Europe would have been more like an easy summer parade. Nato would be partally [sic.]paralyzed by his loyal friends in the White House (who likely would have got their personal share of the profits).

Can’t really argue with that.

The TPM member suggests that Russia is still watching the U.S. internal response very carefully, noting that no one in the Trump administration has yet been held accountable for Jan. 6. This evidently makes quite the impression on the rest of the world, including those who are tasked with promoting Russia’s territorial ambitions.

The TPM member continues:

So, if you really want to do something for the Ukraine, for the Europe and to any other decent country or person, please also Do. Your. Own. Homework! Show to both your home audience and to the rest of the world that also the western flank of Putin’s army, the one located in your country, is kept accountable! No special treatment, just f**king enforce your old existing laws to ultra-rich/influential white dudes, as well! You are just tools, but you are very important tools for Putin also in the European front. Don’t let him use you.

Department of Justice? What say you???

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  1. Not much to argue about with that.
    Prosecution of tRump and his suck-ups must happen, the law must be upheld.
    The murderous Poot-in must be held accountable for his war crimes too.


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