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The Devils in the Details / Flickr

Ronald Reagan wasted $200Billion of your taxes plus got a lot of government contracts for his buddies with his Star Wars program, but that’s nothing. Donald Trump has just directed the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to create a sixth military branch, “separate but equal” to the Air Force and it will be called the “Space Force.”



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  1. Trump is the poster child for STUPIDITY. Does he really think God is going to allow earthlings to screw up space like they did the planet.

    • I read in several places today that this bizarre consideration was done as a smoke screen to distract from the immigration issue today. Maybe there’s some truth to that. Everybody is enraged with the national disgrace on the southern border and people were not in a laughing mood today — although I find this speech hilarious. What I would not give to be a fly on the wall of the Pentagon.

  2. Thank God Congress isn’t this stupid. Think more of a Palace Guard or a Republican Guard such as Iran has. This is what drumpf really wants, a military force to guard him when the pitchforks come. And they will soon. Spoiler alert” It didn’t work out to well for Sadam or Gaddafi or their special police forces. Won’t work for little hands donnie either.


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