Cuomo Was Right About A Covid-19 Tsunami, Naval Ship w/Extra Hospital Beds Deployed To NY Harbor


Andrew Cuomo appears to be on top of this. He predicted a tsunami of cases on Monday and said that there weren’t enough ICU hospital beds to accommodate them. In the past 24 hours 1,008 new cases have been reported, so it would appear he’s right. This is what he said to his brother Chris Cuomo.

I don’t see a curve. I see a wave. And the wave is going to break on the health care system and I am telling you, my little brother, it is going to be a tsunami. You take any numerical projections on any of the models and our health care system has no capacity to deal with it. We in New York have 3,000 ICU beds. We already use 60. We need multiples of that. You’re talking about thousands, because the people who are going to come in are the older people with the underlying illnesses, emphysema, heart disease, et cetera.”

In light of these developments the U.S. Navy vessel Comfort, a hospital ship has been deployed to New York City harbor. Daily Beast:

The announcement came as the state reported 1,008 new cases of the virus in a 24-hour period and New York City confirmed 1,339 cases in total. The ship, which holds 1,000 hospital beds, has previously been deployed to assist with survivors of Hurricane Katrina, wounded U.S. military troops in the Iraq War, and victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio called for military assistance to combat the crisis, saying that the military had “extraordinary medical capacity” that is “needed in places like New York right now.” Cuomo also ordered all New York businesses to enforce at least half of their employees to stay at home.

You’ve got to hand it to Cuomo, he went on record saying, “The buck stops at my desk.” That’s what a leader says and especially in a time of crisis.

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