Representative Henry Cuellar represents a very blue district. He is one of the most conservative democrats in all of Congress. There’s an argument for not primarying Senator Manchin because he represents a state that President Biden lost by nearly forty points, a state that President Biden didn’t even win 30% in, and he is the only democrat who can hold the seat and is the most progressive person in the state who can hold the seat. If he allows republicans to disenfranchise marginalized communities including African Americans and blows up the reconciliation bill which is likely our only opportunity to address the climate emergency in the next seven years, then that argument probably holds less weight for me than for others. However, Representative Cuellar represents a district that President Biden won 52-27 , an area that includes San Antonio.…

“It bans a wide range of abortion restrictions used regularly by red states. These include waiting periods; bans based on whether or not a child would be able to live outside the womb; and bans based on the reason a woman is getting an abortion. “ 

This is unacceptable. In a very blue district, there is no reason we need to accept this. We can do much better and hold this seat. Please help support Jessica Cisneros. She only lost by 3.6% or about 2,700 votes last time despite getting heavily outspent. We can defeat him this time.…


Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 12:30:27 AM +00:00 · Dem

I understand about having a big tent, but being a forced birther is, as RichM stated, non-negotiable. 

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 12:39:23 AM +00:00 · Dem

He is so extreme that he is the only democrat in the entire US  House of Representatives to vote against codifying Roe vs Wade. No other democrat in the House voted against it. When he is completely alone , when even the other conservative democrats who oppose the reconciliation bill would not join him in this, you know how extreme he is. Being a forced birther isn’t acceptable. 

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 1:51:58 AM +00:00 · Dem

538 labels the district “Solid D” and that the probability that a democrat holds it is greater than 99%.…

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 1:58:24 AM +00:00 · Dem

Completely unrelated but I just saw an ad by AARP for Medicare to be able to negotiate for lower drug prices (watching the Rachel Maddow show). 

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 2:08:57 AM +00:00 · Dem

In more unrelated news, Speaker Pelosi is going to bring the bipartisan bill up for a vote which it will fail so that Manchin and Sinema understand that the only way their bipartisan bill passes is if the reconciliation bill passes. They will then have to decide if they really are so opposed to the reconciliation bill that they would rather have the bipartisan bill fail rather than allow both bills to pass. It is my hope that this is a “Come to Jesus “ moment for Senator Manchin who needs to understand that 95% of the caucus in Congress supports passing both bills and that the reconciliation bill is the Build Back Better Agenda that won 81 million votes for President Biden. 

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 · 6:18:06 AM +00:00 · Dem

In addition to 538 saying that it is “Solid D” and that the Democratic Party’s candidate has a 99+% probability of holding the congressional district , President Biden won the district by 25 points, the demographics show a very diverse and non PR  electorate, Cuellar has represented the district since 2005, and Cook says it has a PVI OF D+9 and that Clinton won 57.8 % and Trump won 38.1% of the vote .…

It is a very blue congressional district and very blue. I think we’re done here. 

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