Cubs fan who flashed ‘white power’ sign behind black reporter is banned from Wrigley for life

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It’s nice when things work out, isn’t it?

CBS News:

The Cubs have identified and banned a fan who flashed a “white power” hand gesture during the broadcast of Tuesday night’s game against the Marlins. Team president Theo Epstein made the announcement on Wednesday.

At a news conference, Epstein said the team was able determine the fan’s name and said he can never set foot inside Wrigley Field again.

“We’ve made clear how egregious and unacceptable,” Epstein said. “That behavior has no place for it in our society, in baseball, certainly no place for it at Wrigley Field. The person responsible for that gesture will never be welcomed back at Wrigley Field. I think its important to have a strong response to send a message that this is a place of inclusion.”

The fan flashed the sign while seated behind Doug Glanville, an African-American NBC Sports Chicago reporter who was on the air at the time. Numerous fans noticed and the team quickly took action.

If only it were that easy to bounce racist shitheels from the White House, huh? Gee, maybe if enough of us band together and raise holy hell we can get rid of that asshole, too.


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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

I salute such quick response from the cubs concerning this shameful idiotic behavior. We could continue to Make America Great if only those Politicians would uphold the Constitution, they are paid to uphold and start proceeding against that racist in the White House.