Welcome to what is the 985th profile here at “Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day”, where we’ll be profiling David Fegan, a 2020 GOP candidate for Texas’ 24th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, one of five separate Republicans vying to replace the retiring Congressman Kevin Marchant. He is also the latest of people CSGOPOTD will profile that report on someone who is in the center of the diagram of “2020 GOP Congressional candidate” and “Qanon Conspiracy Theory Supporter”.

Yes, on July 4th, 2020, David Fegan posted Independence Day thanks on Twitter to Donald Trump, noting he “leads our #Q movement. And that isn’t the only conspiracy theory he was trying to spread on Twitter, as he was trying to make people believe there’s actually some merit to the “BidenUkraineScandal in October, in the run-up to Election Day.  

David Fegan finished second in the GOP Primary for TX-24, getting only 20% of the vote in the effort. His inability to win over Republican Primary voters was not likely due to his love of deranged conspiracy theories, but probably because those blood-red district Texas voters could not support a guy who “loved immigrants. The legal ones”. The final winner was of course, former Irving, TX mayor Beth Van Duyne, who was Trump-endorsed because as mayor she actually produced an Islamophobic and legally unnecessary “ban on Sharia Law” order, which we say unnecessary not just because it’s a air raid siren of bigotry, but that the First Amendment would invalidate any laws rooted in any religion via the separation of church and state.

Anyway, David Fegan is a conspiracy-theory loving kook as evidenced by him continuing to fear-monger about vaccines during a pandemic, and we’ll have to profile Beth Van Duyne some other day.      

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