Covid-19: Trump continues to kill the US with his lies and Arizona now considers ‘death panels’

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​Contradictions heightened this past week, as Trump/Pence continued to disinform the American public. 126,000 people have died. Troubling is a Pew poll that indicates that 40% of Americans think the “worst is behind us” for the pandemic.

While it is true that there has been a dramatic increase in testing since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the increase in positive cases in recent weeks cannot be attributed to the rise in testing alone.

After weeks in which coronavirus cases and deaths were slowly declining, the tide has turned. On Wednesday, the United States surpassed its previous record high number of cases, reached in April when the virus was battering the Northeast, according to data gathered from states by The COVID Tracking Project. Hospitalizations are also increasing, though they are far from their peak nationally in April.

“The tip of the iceberg can’t be growing with the iceberg shrinking,” said Dr. Sten Vermund, dean of the Yale School of Public Health. “It violates laws of physics and oceanography.”

More than 500,000 people have died from coronavirus, a count from Johns Hopkins University says. More than 125,000 of them were in the US (CNN)
COVID19 testing in Oklahoma now, about ten days after Trump’s Tulsa visit, revealed that of 350 people tested 350 were positive. 100%
32 states rising


Poll: A growing number of Americans think the worst of the coronavirus is over, even as cases spike


A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that 40 percent of Americans now believe the worst of Covid-19 is in the past, up from 26 percent in early April. That number includes the majority of Republicans, 61 percent of whom said the country has already suffered the worst of the pandemic.

Overall, the survey — taken June 16 to 22, featuring 4,708 American adults and a 1.8 percentage point margin of error — found a strikingly deep ideological divide between how Republicans and Democrats think about the continued threat of the virus.

Democrats were much more likely to say they’re worried they may get Covid-19 and need to be hospitalized; that they might spread the virus to other people; and that they’re uncomfortable going to salons, restaurants, sporting events, or social gatherings. For instance, the study found 65 percent of Republicans are now comfortable eating in a restaurant, compared to 28 percent of Democrats.

This divide is one that is reflected in the clear difference in public officials’ response to the coronavirus. President Donald Trump has long downplayed the threat posed by Covid-19, and has pushed states to reopen nonessential businesses. That push was — until recently — widely embraced by his allies at the state level. Some states with Republican governors, however, like Texas and Florida, have begun to scale back those reopenings amid increasing case counts.…

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Vile,Filthy,Corrupt,Treasonous,Murdering Bastards. This is the gop. They ALL belong in prison.