Could Republican power grabs come back to bite them in 2020? Here’s hoping.


Have Wisconsin and Michigan Republicans overreached in ways that voters will remember and hold against them in 2020? Will the corrupt grab of power from newly elected Democrats and the gutting of minimum wage and paid sick leave laws hurt Republicans down the road? It’s possible, anyway:

“This gamesmanship will keep voters and activists active through the 2020 election,” said Gretchen Whitmer, who takes office on Jan. 1. Referring to Republicans, she added, “They’re thinking short-term.”

There are strong signs that voters are catching on to the Republican gerrymandering problem, and starting to take action: four states voted for redistricting reform this November. Of course, it never pays to underestimate how evil Republicans will be, and how much their existing gerrymanders and their billionaire dark money let them get away with. But at least there’s something to hang a little optimism on.

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