Just to be sure the precise reality is clear and the image above not some ludicrous photoshop fantasy job that’s the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, one Kevin McCarthy, recording for posterity his recent kiss-ass liaison with the most offensive one-term Presidential loser of all time, Donald Trump.

How could this possibly be? Trump just caused one of the worst days of American infamy, January 6th, the Senate was soon lost to Republicans, and the House remained with Nancy Pelosi. After bleating and complaining about unity for the upcoming humiliation of Trump in his Senate trial Republicans have nothing to offer in rescuing America in the upcoming covid-19 package.

Yet still, how could McCarthy and the Republican Party tether themselves to the whirlpool criminal cesspool of loser Donald Trump, who can’t even tweet anymore?

Our dense Republican cousins still cling desperately to their feeling of immense satisfaction after Election 2020, Trump had been expected to lose but still brought in millions of new voters, the Senate was not expected to be lost and gains were made in the House. Trump blew it all up and the Senate with January 6th, they’re in a much more degraded position than they thought on November 3rd, but blind faith in a loser must be politically wise. Right?

Policy-wise, as Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post noted, the Republicans have absolutely nothing politically to offer for any of America’s most pressing problems. As Amanda Marcotte wrote a book about, all the Republicans have left as an animating force is hatred of Democrats and owning the liberals. Oblivious in their Fox feedback loop Republicans still cling to Trump, he did own the libs all right—didn’t he?—so Kevin McCarthy flew to Florida to kiss his ass.

What in fact fealty to a loser accomplishes politically is a very good question, the only lame answer again that McCarthy and his Party of criminal regression are oblivious in their yapping reality den of Fox News and conservative media, lunging after the liberals for so long as their only goal in a self-reinforcing environment has left them lost and stupid.

DC has had a relatively quiet 2020 start, but the impeachment trial and covid-19 relief package are about to blow up in McCarthy’s face, good luck with 2022 after this.

American journalism is maddeningly terrible at past context and history, but for once a terrible event for Republicans will not be swept under the rug, we’re not going to move on and look forward so conveniently for corporate interests, the impeachment trial will smash home with serious clarity just what Trump and the Republicans did.

Also, too, the economy is reeling with unemployment and crashing small business failure, are you telling me it’s smart politics to be a curmudgeon spendthrift while American families are being thrown into the streets? After scraping and bowing to corporate America with deficit-smashing tax cuts?

There is no possible sell for such a stupid and cruel political position, none at all, and every liberal writer and Democratic politician in the United States in going to absolutely hammer the idiot Republicans for selling out America when the country is hurting so bad and needs so much.

Usually such bombastic declarations of Republican doom at the hands of hapless hippie environmentalists with no Fox News of their own is seen as a caffeine Machiavellian fantasy but not this time, no way, the Democratic Party of 2020 is confident, fighting and righteous in their fury of attaining liberal goals.

The vicious shiv job of appointing Amy Barrett might have done it, but man January 6thabsolutely did, nothing is stopping the impeachment trial and nothing is stopping relentlessly spearing the Republicans for selling out the country by not helping with covid-19 relief.

What are you going to do then, Mr. Minority Leader McCarthy? Fly to Florida in brown shoes and no tie to somehow convey dressing like a chump means you’re not kissing gold-plated ass again? Good god, dude, take a look at yourself and your Party.

A tiny element to the Republican confidence of November 3rd was the knowledge Bill Clinton and Barack Obama completely blew it in their first midterms with smashing Republican victory. By god and baby Jesus Joe Biden and the Democrats have not forgotten, not this time, all eyes and consciousness are on 2022, we’re going to market and sell like mad how we rescued America for that election, good luck with that one too, Minority Leader McCarthy.

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  1. Planning more sedition eh McCarthy. The optics on this are very very bad for you. It could even draw you censure in the House.


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