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In October of 2016 Slate magazine and the New York Times reported a story about two mysterious  servers registered to Alfa Bank in Moscow communicating with a server registered to the Trump organization on Fifth Avenue in NYC. The line of communication was designed to be discreet and specific to the two parties, not available to others, “ configured something like a digital hotline connecting the two entities, shutting out the rest of the world, and designed to obscure its own existence”. Per Slate..” The conversation between the Trump and Alfa servers appeared to follow the contours of political happenings in the United States. At election-related moments the traffic peaked.”  On September 21 a reporter from the New York Times contacted Alfa Bank to ask questions about the servers. The bank denied any involvement , but shortly after that meeting, the Trump Domain name  went cold. One could only conclude the Trump organization shut down the server. On September 27 the Trump Organization created a new host name,, which enabled communication to the very same server via a different route. When a new host name is created, the first communication with it is never random. To reach the server after the resetting of the host name, the sender of the first inbound mail has to first learn of the name somehow. It’s simply impossible to randomly reach a renamed server. That party had to have some kind of outbound message through SMS, phone, or some noninternet channel they used to communicate [the new configuration]. The first attempt to look up the revised host name came from Alfa Bank. If this was a public server, there  would have seen other traces. The only look-ups came from this particular source.…


In May of 2017 the Washington Post  reported that Jared Kushner wanted to set up back channel communications with Russia .  The idea was supposedly broached during a meeting between Kushner and Kislyak during an early December meeting at Trump Tower.The Post said Kushner suggested the use of Russian diplomatic facilities as a way to shield pre-inauguration discussions with Kislyak from monitoring. Kislyak allegedly then relayed the suggestion to his superiors in Moscow. The idea was supposedly broached during a meeting between Kushner and Kislyak during an early December meeting at Trump Tower.

Apparently the FBI is aware of all this and is not commenting at this time.……


The truth always comes out. Being old enough to remember Nixon and Watergate , I know that. The Watergate burglary crime happened in June of 1972 . The “ burglars” were all GOP operatives , and they were indicted on September 15 1972. On November 7 1972 Nixon was easily reelected, and polling showed that less than half of all Americans had even heard of the break-in. So, five months after the break-in and two months after indictment , the issue had not gained very much traction. A whole series of events ensued over the next twelve months, with the “impeachment” word being introduced in October of 1973. In July of 1974 the House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment. On August 8 of 1974 Nixon announced his resignation.

Almost two years from the crime to ousting the criminal. Something to keep in mind as we move forward on the current occupant of the Oval Office.  

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