Jerome Corsi has filed an ethics complaint against Special Counselor Robert Mueller alleging “misconduct and wrongdoing in the course of his ongoing investigation” according to this article in The Hill. The details are available if you want to see them but it seems that Corsi the Creep is saying that Bobby 3 sticks attempted to coerce Corsi into providing false testimony with regards to Roger Stones Contacts with Wiki-leaks founder Julian Assange.

Around 20 years ago a lady named Susan McDougal was caught up in the Hunting of President Bill Clinton by another Special Counselor Ken “Porn” Starr. Ms. McDougal refused to testify for Starr’s Grand Jury because she also accused Starr of asking her to falsely swear that President Clinton had done something illegal. According to Ms. McDougal’s account, Starr also threatened to charge Ms. McDougal with perjury if her testimony to the Grand Jury did not reflect Starr’s storyline. 

Ms. McDougal served the maximum 18 months for Civil Contempt and endured a trial on alleged embezzlement charges which she was acquitted (with some of the Juror’s calling the charges mean spirited). Finally, her prediction came true and Ken Starr charged her with criminal contempt and Obstruction. During her trial she finally had her chance to testify in open Court:

After hearing McDougal’s testimony that she refused to answer questions because Starr’s lawyers wanted her to falsely implicate the president in wrongdoing, the jury debated only briefly last Thursday — the first day of deliberations — before voting to acquit her of obstruction, one juror said.

In other words almost identical to what Creep Corsi is saying about Bob Mueller. But here is where the similarities end. Ken Starr really was an Operative for the Republican Majority who were attempting to destroy a President they could not defeat in an election. Starr and his hatchet man (you may recognize the name) was found to have violated Rule 6(e)(2) of the Grand Jury by leaking testimony to the press in order to damage President Clinton. And most significantly for all the money the “Porn” Starr spent on this so called investigation ($78,000,000 in today’s money) only 2 Administration Officials were convicted of crimes (H/T RoyalScribe). Bob Mueller is up to 6 and he is far from done.

Unlike Starr Bobby 3 sticks is a professional former Federal US Attorney, Combat veteran and a straight shooter who scrupulously follows the rules. It was the reason Rod Rosenstein hired him:

“Bob Mueller is an outstanding choice because he is apolitical and follows the rule of law, and follows the evidence wherever it leads, regardless of political outcomes,” said John Pistole, a former FBI deputy director, under Mueller.

If Corsi and his legal team seriously believe they can employ the McDougal defense and “Swift Boat” the SCO they are smoking… And it ain’t tobacco.
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