Coronavirus leaves many Americans out of work, Trump administration wants to leave them without food

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The US Department of Agriculture wants to punish 700,000 Americans for not working enough hours this month by taking away their food stamps. Current SNAP rules state that adults without dependents must work at least 80 hours per month for more than 3 consecutive months to qualify for food stamps. States have always had the right to waive these requirements though, for reasons such as high unemployment rates—the current Republican administration wants to strip this right from the states. It seems that states’ rights only matter to Republicans when they can use it as a way to justify their own interests. It also seems that the 18% of Americans out of work or with cut hours due the current pandemic, don’t count as high unemployment in the eyes of Trump.

Federal Judge Beryl Howell ruled against these proposed changes, included in what is known as the Farm Bill, saying that it would be “arbitrary and capricious” to limit people’s access to food during a global health crisis. The USDA is appealing this ruling, spearheaded by Sonny Perdue Agriculture Department Secretary. Might I remind you, this is the same Sonny Perdue that in 2007—while serving as governor of Georgia—tried to pray away a drought, with a state-sanctioned prayer vigil. The drought continued for several months longer.

Trump is proposing a lot of measures right now that he says are aimed at helping the economy and everyday Americans. So then why is he fighting to cut food stamps?  Withholding food from those who do not work enough hours will result in people working while sick and threatening the safety of others, and contributing to the spread of Coronavirus. Not only will this hurt the individuals directly denied these benefits, but it will also hurt the economy as a whole.

Where is Rob Wittman in all this? He is bragging about supporting these incredibly harmful and cruel cuts, under the guise of the innocently named “Farm Bill”. Me on the other hand? I’m speaking out against these injustices and fighting for everyday Americans.

If you believe in common-sense government that will work for the most vulnerable, not against them, and will fight for food justice, a healthy economy, and compassion, join us at and help power our efforts at…


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3 Comments on "Coronavirus leaves many Americans out of work, Trump administration wants to leave them without food"

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

This is nothing but pure evil. And as long as we keep silent on it, we condone it.

chris whitley
chris whitley

He wants to do this because he is an idiot. And it’s another form of prejudice. Only this is far worse than the average. This is calling these people out because they can’t find a job. This is sick shit. I will be glad when this stain is off our America.


You should see the new Social Security Commissioners comments on SS Disability published in the new AARP newspaper that is mailed out to the members. “we need to update the rules for getting disability they were written 50+ years ago when the economy was more physical, today we have a completely different economy where people with severe strokes, heart attacks, etc are cured by drugs”….. Cured by drugs is this guy delusional, well yes he is and he needs to go when the next admin takes over. Of course this is another swamp monster appointed by Trump just like Perdue.