I am an older white straight male, childless. What I know of menstruation, pregnancy, etc., is pretty basic, picked up in health class 45 years ago and from being with girlfriends and wives at various stages of their lives. Educate me if needed.

Thinking about the horrors of the SCOTUS ruling makes me want to do something to help women who may find themselves unintentionally pregnant. If they live in places where abortion is made difficult or impossible, they will need ways to cope and to access safe and effective abortion care. Fortunately, unlike the pre-Roe times, there is now medical abortion. If they can receive the drugs they need in an anonymous package, that should be made easy and inexpensive or free.

I have to imagine that organizations like Planned Parenthood are thinking about this. Is this a service they or others can or already legally provide? From Canada or offshore if necessary?  Can teens and women find it at or near the top of related google searches? Are there numbers to call to speak to medical professionals who can subscribe by phone or video chat?  The same call should generate access to emotional support, and related health (STDs, etc) topics.  Is there a funding system that people or firms can contribute to, to assure the cost to the users is bearable or free if needed? Can Amazon sell prescriptions? It would be great if the pills could come in those ubiquitous boxes and be impossible to spot.

The timing can be critical. If someone doesn’t know they are pregnant for some weeks after conception and the drugs must be taken within 11 weeks of last menstruation, quick access to a test is essential. I have seen tests in Dollar stores so they can’t be expensive. Maybe packages of feminine hygiene products should include a test just so there’s one handy, always. It seems like we should do all we can to make it easy to know if you are pregnant, early, what the options are, and have easy to access care, quickly and privately.

Just throwing out some ideas. Comment lots.

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