Controlled experiment on children conducted in Georgia, results not pleasant…

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In June of this year, following guidance from Governor Kemp and the Georgia Dept. of Public Health, and using guidelines put forward by the CDC and HHS, two overnight sleep-over camps run by the YMCA were opened for business.

Before accepting campers, all staffers and administrators were required to produce negative COVID test results, and all campers were likewise required to present negative test results before arriving.

Distancing and mask-wearing guidelines were adopted formally by the camp administrators, with staff and admin required to wear masks, and campers not required to wear masks.

Activities including sports, singing, and other interactive engagements were allowed, but were subject to (at least according to planning and statements) appropriate social distancing as recommended by government health officials.

Campers ranged in age from 6 to 17, and staff ranged in age from 17 to 59.

Following training and staff meetings a single staffer (who had previously tested negative) was sent home with chills.

Within 4 days, the camp was shut down and all campers and staff sent home.

Subsequent testing (following tracing) was carried out on a significant fraction (but not all) of the people involved.


In a 4 day period, out of nearly 600 people tested for COVID, 44% presented with positive tests.

Age cohorts: Age 6-10 = 51% positive. Age 11-17 = 44% positive. Age 18-21 = 33% positive. Age 22-59 = 29% positive.

Here is the report:…

Aspects that remain unknown, but are presumably being tracked:

1) case resolution, severity, and outcome data

2) Subsequent transmission to family or other contacts.

3) Out-of-state attendees — unknown infection rate, unknown transmission beyond the camp population.

One thing is very clear: This virus is a monster.

Another thing is very clear: The people in charge of the response to this pandemic are criminally insane.

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3 Comments on "Controlled experiment on children conducted in Georgia, results not pleasant…"

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

The people in charge of this mess should be in prison.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

I believe this “experiment” is merely a confirmation of one performed decades ago by “Dr.” Josef Mengele.


This is the first time we have a political party and a President that should be held criminally liable for the health of the people. A Third world nightmare.