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“Once is an accident, twice is a habit, thrice is a fetish.” We’re already at habit, one more and we can drag out the latex and rubber chickens.

The divorce between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon was on a par with, if not worse, than the tabloid glory Hollywood splitsville days of the 50’s and 60’s. Bannon made a fundamental political error when he trashed talked Dumbleputz and his wacky offspring. He thought for sure that Roy Moore would win, which would make him strong enough to survive Trump’s wrath. You never, EVER take winning for granted in politics, just ask Hillary Clinton, Roy Moore, or Eric Cantor about that.

But anybody who thought that Steve Bannon was going to pout, and go quietly into that good night needs an intervention. Bannon is almost certainly pouting while he licks his wounds, but as I wrote in a previous article, Bannon is a perfect soul mate for Trump, both are mean spirited, petty, and vindictive as hell.And if I’m right about this, Bannon has plenty of arrows in his quiver.

There’s one thing you have to remember about Steve Bannon. For all of his filthy beliefs, he’s not a moron. Bannon is an ex naval intelligence officer. This means two things. First of all, it means he knows how to read, decipher and interpret information. And second, it means he has an active and reliable memory.

And whom did he end up working for, and spending a lot of time in close proximity to? Quite possibly the worst homo sapien on the planet at keeping his big, sat sewer hole shut. not only is Trump likely to have been unable to keep from layering Bannon with every stray thought that floated across that empty void between his ears, but the Trump campaign and White House is as leaky as a colander. Bannon couldn’t help hearing a neverending  chorus of “Hey! Did you hear what Trump said about blah-blah” as he walked to the coffee machine or head.

Here’s rthe point I’ve been leading up to. About a week ago, we got a rather puzzling and enticing scoop about a Flynn allied advisor on the National Security Council floating an idea about pulling US troops out of the Baltic states as a friendly gesture to Putin. Minds immediately leaped to the tantalizing possibility of this being payback for Vlad the Imp putting the Tangelo Turnip into the White House. But a guest on MSNBC was quick to remind all and sundry that the idea was floated in February. Steve Bannon didn’t leave the White House under a cloud until April. Why was this juicy tidbit suddenly being leaked 11 months after the event occurred? Could Bannon’s neo Nazi fingerprints be all over this leak, as revenge?

And now, in the last day or so, you have the scoop leaking to the Wall Street Journal of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paying a porn star $130,000 to shut up about Trump 1 month before the election. Bannon was the campaign CEO at that time. Coincidence, or another Bannon shot across Trump’s bow? Either is possible, but consider that in Fire and Fury, when talking about women, Bannon said something like “Trump and women? There were what, 100 of them during the campaign, and Marc Kasowitz took care of all of them.” Obviously Bannon had Trump’s peccadilloes with the fairer sex on his mind all the way back to when he talked to Wolff.

Keep an eye out for the next couple of juicy revelations in the near future that aren’t necessarily directly related to the Mueller investigation. Bannon is obviously a man who carries a grudge. And with his military intelligence training, he is perfectly suited to be able to interpret and store relevant information for future use. And just think, he’s appearing before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, and I find inconceivable that a date with Mueller’s minions isn’t in his near future. Just something to think about on a sleepy Saturday.

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