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Oh, the humanity!

With Donald Trump blaming wildfire victims for their own deaths, high-fiving brutal Saudi murderers, and turning his Thanksgiving Day call to the troops into a gauche display of political ax-grinding, this is what conservatives choose to get upset about:

Uh, have parents been quarantining their children in hermetically sealed bomb shelters the past 22 months, because I’m pretty sure that’s how long Donald Trump has been president. If their innocence hasn’t been broken by now, you’d pretty much have to turn Nickelodeon into a 24/7 Tijuana donkey show channel to make that happen.

Seriously, the way ForAmerica is reacting, you’d think the Linus balloon grabbed the Lucy balloon by the pussy. Looks like a pretty innocent display of mutual affection to me.

Apparently, our pr*sident can lie to us dozens of times a day about some of the most important issues facing our nation and the world, but if two women briefly kiss on the teevee, the seventh seal is about to break open and spill untold plagues upon the land.

Hope America’s kids don’t find out about all the school shootings, child poverty, or food insecurity in this country because that could really send them over the edge.

Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about this one.

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