Conservative Writer Calls Out Huckabee Sanders Over Acosta Lie


Here is something for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Right wing writer and wingnut apologist Ben Shapiro joins his lettered brethren to stick up for banned reporter Jim Acosta.

Shapiro’s most repeated bon mot to date is, “The left has run out of aggressors to target; instead, they’ve become the aggressors, self-righteous morality police dedicated to wiping out dissenting thought.”

This is interesting, Shapiro taking Acosta’s side, because the rest of right wingnuttia is excoriating Acosta.

Meanwhile, sages are tweeting that Huckabee Sanders libeled Jim Acosta, insofar as she told a lie about him with actual malice and an intent to ruin his reputation. Wouldn’t it be something if Acosta and CNN sue SHS and Trump? That will one for the casebooks.

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