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These three Conservatives were not kind to the president as one declared him the worst president of all time. The others made it clear in their “own way” why he is currently a failure.

Every day that Trump is in office, he proves why it will be hard not to define him as the worst president of all time. Beck, Sykes, & Will made that clear.

Meet the Press Chuck Todd aired a segment where they asked many voters, journalists, and others if the president was successful thus far. As expected, some of Trump’s most devout loyalists express support.

Ann Coulter gave an interesting answer. She said if the president builds the wall and does not go to war in the Middle-East, he would go down as the greatest president in her lifetime. She said it with a straight face. Another Trump supporter said that she believed with Trump God has given the country a second chance to redeem itself.

Conservative commentator George Will would have none of that. He scorched the president in this excerpted video.

“Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is 25,” George Will said. “But he is so good that if he quit today, he’d be in the Hall of Fame. Donald Trump has only served six months. But he’s so bad that he is in the running for the worst president of all time.”

Glenn Beck expressed the sentiment in a different manner. In fact, his analogy was the most ideal because it described the president’s character best.

“Great leaders eat last,” Glenn Beck said. “The best leader is the biggest servant of the lowest person on the ladder, not the one that gets the biggest cheer.”

Charlie Sykes hit the nail on the head.

“Donald Trump never made the pivot to become president of the United States,” Charlie Sykes said.

While Sykes is correct, there is an issue with his statement. Making that change presumes that the president had substance, that the president was capable of morphing into someone he simply is not. The president has little upstairs that makes him presidential material. And every day of the week he hits a new low.

Just in the last few days he,

No one knows how the Trump presidency will end. One thing most know is that it won’t end well.

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