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With Mike Flynn apparently flipping on Trump, speculation is running high that he may spill the beans on Jared Kushner. MSNBC contributor and conservative John Poderetz spoke about Kushner today and nailed both Jared Kushner and Donald Trump in one fell swoop, saying that the former doesn’t know anything and the latter values loyalty over basic competence. RawStory:

“If what we are understanding is true, it may be that Jared Kushner is not some kind of Machiavellian godfather behind the scenes and that he is a bumbling fool,”

“That is to say, Chris Christie, Kushner nails Chris Christie and gets him fired, Not because Chris Christie is bad but because Chris Christie prosecuted his father for a crime of which Jared Kushner’s father was dead guilty. And then, because revenge being a dish best served cold, right after the election, he nails Christie, gets him fired with a false claim that Christie had not done the due diligence work on the transition that Chris Christie had, in fact, done.”

“So that’s number one. Number two, so Jared Kushner says to Trump, ‘Sure, fire Comey, Democrats hate Comey, they’ll love that you fire him.’ So Trump is listening to Jared Kushner, who knows nothing from nothing, who bought a building in New York for $1 billion more than it was worth, who has no experience in politics. Whom he listens to solely because he is his son-in-law.”

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