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This is the first in a series of stories for The Trump Impeachment.

My plan for the next few years is to build the actual story, or interwoven schema of stories, of the entire Trump-Russia collusion that allowed Donald Trump to usurp the presidency and made Vladimir Putin the de facto leader of the United States. My plan: to use facts and informed, well-grounded, provable hypotheses to prove the collusion, and avoid the inevitable attempts to “explain” it all with a farrago of conspiracy theories. My venue is my website Collusion and Control: Donald Trump and Russia. Hopefully, by the end of this little thought experiment, enough American patriots of all political and social stripes will be angry enough, and well-informed enough, to haul that Russian-colluding son of a bitch out of the White House, incarcerate him and his traitorous cronies for the rest of their miserable lives, and set about the daunting task of rebuilding American democracy stronger than before. If my little site, Collusion and Control, can help bring that about, then I will be pleased. That’s the plan.

Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan.  Leonard Snart, The Flash

Conspiracy theories are just stories we tell ourselves when we don’t have enough facts to make sense of a world-changing event. When one of these events happens, and the Powers that Be treat us like mushrooms — keep us in the dark and feed us on bullshit — we push back, finding enough facts to weave the skeleton of a story and fill in the gaps with hypotheses, speculations, and outright fantasies. I cut my teeth on political research at the long-lamented and now-moribund History Commons, and one of our biggest challenges was separating the fact, and fact-based extrapolation, from wild-eyed conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks spun out of shreds of misinterpreted facts, political assumptions, biases, and wish-fulfillment vagaries. Keymasters! Stock trades! NIST! Missiles! Holograms! Zionists! Active thermotic materials! The demon twins LIHOP and MIHOP! Why did people spin up that toxic, anti-historical hellbroth of fairy dust and liver bile? Because the goddamn government lied to us from end to end about the attacks, and we, as hungry for explanations as primal tribesmen inventing anthropomorphic gods to explain why lightning incinerated their crops, invented a story to explain what happened that awful, life-altering day. Some of us spun up some truly radical, irrational stories that contradicted others’ equally radical, irrational stories, and, like those fabled Cimmerians, Xiongnu and Achaeans of old, they clanned up and beat the living hell out of one another, this time with wars (mostly) fought on social media instead of across one another’s fields and villages. Result: Whatever happened, it was well and truly covered up, and conspiracy theories took the place of a real, fact-driven narrative. Wondering who, or how many, shot JFK? What happened in Roswell? What the hell was MK-ULTRA anyway? Dunno, but there’s a conspiracy theory out there that will provide any answer you like.

This story is unfolding in real time. Armies of professional journalists and citizen researchers alike are probing every aspect of this Trump-Russia imbroglio, and the facts are raining down upon us so quickly that they are difficult to assimilate. I’m doing my best to process it all in my personal, History Commons-influenced manner. The Trump Impeachment site is processing it in a slightly different and equally worthy manner. Chris, the site admin, has been gracious enough to allow me to write articles for this site based on the research I’m doing. We’re always stronger when we work together. Thank you, Chris. I’m also very pleased to be working in the same venue as two writers whose work I’ve come to know and respect on the Daily KosUrsulafaw and Murfster35.

First up in the Untwisting the Strands series: Russian dupe George “I’m Not the Coffee Boy” Papadopoulos. Lots to cover, so stay tuned.

Every couple of generations we as a people are tested. This is our time. This is our challenge. It is up to us to stand up and defend the heritage of freedom and tolerance that we were entrusted with. It is up to us to preserve a nation worth passing down to the generations that follow us.  Quaoar


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