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Will somebody please tell this genius Republican congressman, that his party controlled everything for two years and that they shutdown the government.

Some of the responses to Dan Crenshaw’s ‘alternate universe’ tweet are instant classics. Let’s just say—the replies make it abundantly clear that Republicans and Trump own their shutdown in this universe or any other universe.

I just picked a few of my favorite replies here, but the hilarity goes on and on. If you have some downtime and want even more hearty laughs, read some of the many thousands of replies to this all-time backfire by Crenshaw.

Dan Crenshaw reminds me of the disaster named Paul Ryan. Remember when the pundits and media were quick to annoint Ryan the next savior of the GOP and then Ryan ended up being a complete failure? The media is at the ready again to annoint Crenshaw. Just google ‘rising star Dan Crenshaw’ and you’ll find plenty of Ryan-esque babble about him.

The truth is, Dan Crenshaw is just another vacuous Republican politician. When a politician can’t recognize his own party shutdown the government, as in this case, or is willfully gaslighting—you know he’s at the ready to enable and rubber stamp Trump. Ryan Crenshaw stands for nothing and will be another failed wonder boy, but don’t stop the media from trying to tell you different.

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  1. look at all the wannabes, Trump (Hitler-Mussolini) VP Penis ( Rudolph Hess) CIA Director Gina Haspel (female Himmler) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Hermann Goering) the trump version of Reinhard Heydrich is on vacation so Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is filling in. and lastly, we have the tag team of Stephen Miller and Sarah Huckabee Sanders taking care of the state propaganda machine.

  2. Those idiots had “control” of the Senate, House, and WH for TWO FREAKING YEARS, they had every opportunity to fund Trumpty Dumpty’s freaking wall! Love the responses on Twitter! There were THREE shutdowns in 2018 while those Repubtards were in the majority! He needs to retrain his brain, it’s been damaged by being an f***ing moron!


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